10 Best Smartwatches for Teens in 2023

Smartwatches have become increasingly popular among teenagers today. As a tech-savvy teenager myself, I have had the opportunity to try out various smartwatches and explore their features. In this article, I will share my firsthand experience and provide recommendations for the best smartwatches suitable for teens in 2023.

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We monthly buy products and test all the Smartwatch brands. During the last 12 months, a couple of Top smartwatch brands on the list have lost their position. We have updated our list of Best Smartwatch for Texting for Dec, 2022, Please have a look. If you are looking for the Best Smartwatches for Teenagers or kids then you may have a look into this article Best Smartwatches for Teens and smartwatches for kids before buying a good and suitable smartwatch.

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List of The 10 Best Smartwatches for Teens

1. Pebble Time – Best Smartwatch For Teenager Without Phone

During my search for a smartwatch that didn’t require a phone, I came across the Pebble Time. This watch’s simplistic interface and durable build immediately caught my attention. I found it to be well-suited for outdoor adventures due to its water resistance and marine-grade bezel. With the Pebble App store offering a wide range of games, applications, and watch faces, I was able to personalize my watch to match my style. The long-lasting battery life of up to seven days was a significant advantage, ensuring that I didn’t have to worry about frequent charging.

However, I would note that the Pebble Time may not be suitable for very young teens, and it can be slightly expensive for those on a tight budget.


  • Water resistant
  • Long battery life that can last up to seven days
  • Pebble App store which has over a thousand apps and games
  • Pebble health-This is an activity and sleep tracker which has many insights.
  • LED Display


  • Not suitable for very young teens
  • Slightly expensive when on a budget

Verdict On Pebble Time

The Pebble Time is a reliable and convenient smart watch for teenagers who don’t have a phone. Its durable build, water resistance, and long battery life make it well-suited for outdoor adventures. With access to the Pebble App store and various notification and communication features, Pebble Time is a great choice for staying connected.

2. Vtech Kidizoom – Best Smartwatch with camera for Teenage Girls

As a teenage girl interested in photography, the Vtech Kidizoom smartwatch caught my attention with its built-in camera. I had fun taking selfies and capturing action shots with the front-facing and side-facing cameras. Additionally, the parental control features provided peace of mind for both me and my parents, allowing them to monitor my usage and limit playtime. The inbuilt games and motion sensor added to the overall entertainment value.

However, it’s important to note that the Vtech Kidizoom smartwatch primarily appeals to young teens, and it’s not fully waterproof.


  • Fancy designs making is attractive to young teens
  • Full parental control which enables the parent to monitor content
  • Inbuilt games and activities
  • Camera and video recording ability
  • Learning lodge with lots of content
  • Clock, stopwatch, and calendar


  • Appeals mostly to young teens
  • Not fully waterproof and should not be submerged

Verdict On Vtech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2

This watch is very suitable for kids and young teens.

3. Vtech Star Wars – Best Kids Smartwatch

For Star Wars enthusiasts like myself, the Vtech Star Wars smartwatch is a must-have. The exclusive activities, such as blasting through asteroids and racing with BB-8, brought the Star Wars universe to my wrist. The camera and touch screen allowed me to capture photos and edit them with Star Wars themes. The watch also included essential features like an alarm, stopwatch, calendar, pedometer, and calculator.

It’s worth mentioning that the Vtech Star Wars smartwatch is primarily suitable for Star Wars fans and younger teens. Additionally, the battery life may not be as long as other models.



  • Only suitable for Star war fans due to its dominant features
  • Suitable for very young teens and kids
  • Not so long battery life

Verdict On Vtech Star Wars Watch Stormtrooper

This watch appeals to young teens and kids, especially that who are the fan of Star war. Its colorful look also makes it suitable for younger teens.

4. Garmin Vivifit JR2 - Best Smartwatch for Kids

As a fitness enthusiast, I was impressed by the Garmin Vivifit JR2, the best-themed kid’s fitness and activity tracker. Its unique themes featuring popular cartoons and movies, such as Disney princesses and Spiderman, added a fun element to my workouts. The watch’s ability to sync with my parents’ smartphones and send chore reminders proved helpful in establishing healthy habits. The fully waterproof design gave me the freedom to engage in water-based activities without worry.

However, the Garmin Vivifit JR2 can be a bit expensive compared to other brands, and the themes may limit its appeal to specific preferences.


  • Fully waterproof
  • Themed activities
  • No charging-has one-year battery life
  • Reminder alerts and alarms
  • Parental personal assistant and app
  • 60 minutes of activity rewards


  • A bit expensive compared to other brands
  • Theme specific

Verdict On Garmin Vivifit JR2 – Best Smartwatch for Kids

This watch is not suitable for a person on a tight budget since its a bit expensive. It is recommendable for kids and young teens due to its unique features of cartoons and Disney land princesses.

5. Huami Amazfit Bip – Best Smartwatch for Teenager 2020

In my search for a feature-packed yet affordable smartwatch, the Huami Amazfit Bip stood out. With GPS and heart rate monitoring, this watch offered features typically found in more expensive models. The clear and precise LCD touch screen, coupled with its long-lasting battery life of up to thirty days, made it a reliable companion for my daily activities. The Bluetooth connectivity ensured that I stayed connected with message and call alerts, even on the go.

Despite its numerous features, the Huami Amazfit Bip Lite Smartwatch may not be suitable for individuals who prefer a more well-known brand or those who prioritize advanced functionalities and customization options. Additionally, while the watch offers a competitive price, it may face tough competition from established brands in the market. However, for teenagers seeking a budget-friendly option with essential features like GPS, heart rate monitoring, and long battery life, the Huami Amazfit Bip Lite Smartwatch can be a reliable choice.


  • Durable and resistant (scratch proof)
  • Enables activity tracking like sleep, sports, calories burnt
  • Long battery life of up to thirty days
  • Heart rate monitor
  • GPS enabled
  • Blue tooth connectivity
  • Relatively cheap compared to other brands with the same features
  • Water resistant


  • Competition from bigger brands

Verdict On Huami Amazfit Bip

This watch is one of the best for teens due to its numerous features and trendy look. Teens would also love it due to its durability.

6. Kurio Watch 2.0 – Best Smartwatch for Teens

This is a very attractively priced watch that has games and apps that can be connected with other Kurio watches for two-player fun. It has blue tooth connectivity which enables the sharing of messages and pictures. It has a camera that can take selfies and also video recording. It has a music player and a small internal memory that can keep some songs. It also has filter effects and frames which enable one to edit photos. This watch is very durable and scratch resistant. It has other smartwatch features including alarm, calculator, stopwatch and calendar. It also has an activity tracker.

This watch also has an emergency app that allows the parent to enter relevant medical information like allergies and emergency contacts. It goes for about USD 45-50 in Amazon.


  • Music player
  • Emergency app
  • Video recording and camera
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Scratch proof and durable
  • Apps and games that can be shared
  • Alarm,activity tracker,stopwatch,calendar,calculator


  • Not fully water resistant. It can only endure splashes.

Verdict On Kurio Watch 2.0

Very suitable for kids and young teens due to its colorful nature.

7. tencent kids smartwatch – Kids Smart watch Phone

Tencent Qwatch supports 2 G data plan using a nano sim. It has the ability to make calls and text. Due to its multi functions it is also called Kids Smartwatch Phone.

It is also GPS enabled which can be used for tracking. One thing that sets this watch aside is the SOS feature that sense emergency message to connected family members.

It also has a pedometer, alarm, weather class mode, text message, group chat, voice message, and photo capture. Tencent Kids smartwatch is available on Amazon.


  • Best Kids Smartwatch with GPS: GPS tracking which makes it easier to track a person
  • SOS feature backing GPS for emergency messages
  • Uses sim card which supports two-way communication
  • Parental control feature which enables a parent to track content
  • Pedometer to track activity and work out
  • Tencent Kids smartwatch has reminder and alarm features
  • Water resistance. It is splash proof.
  • Inbuilt camera


  • Not fully water resistant cannot be submerged.
  • Colors appeal mostly to young kids.

Verdict On Tencent Qwatch

This watch is suitable for young kids though it is a bit expensive when on a budget.

8. Leapfrog Leapband – Best Smartwatch for Teenager

This watch is very suitable for young kids and teens since it has an activity tracker preloaded with 50 ongoing challenges with unlockable characters. This makes kids more engaged and very active. Thee leapfrog band also comes in very attractive colors and designs which appeals more to kids and teens. It is highly water resistant. This watch boasts of being the best in creating the habit of being active that is doing activities thus promotes good health. Leapfrog Leapband is the best smartwatch for teenager that is found in Amazon.


  • Water resistant
  • Active parental control
  • Preloaded with 50 active challenges
  • It is a fun activity tracker.
  • Affordable


  • It is not very sleek.

Verdict On Leapfrog Leapband

Watch is very suitable for young teens and kids due to its look and features.

9. Greasmart – Best Smartwatch For Teens on a Tight Budget

This is one of the cheapest phones available on Amazon and is specially made for kids and teens. It goes for about 42-50 USD

It has a lot of useful features including a flashlight, camera, voice messages, calls, and reminders. It also supports two-way communication since it has a slot for a micro sim card although it does not function with all carriers. It also has a GPS +LBS locating system which is backed by SOS.




  • Sim card functions with limited networks

Verdict On Greasmart

Very suitable for both kids and teens when on a tight budget

10. Amazing for Less – Best Smartwatch for 10 year old Kids

This watch is recommended for kids between six to ten years. This is one of the cheapest smartwatches for kids. It is available on Amazon and has the following features.


  • It has a capacitative touch screen.
  • The pedometer that tracks activity
  • Supports sim card and works stand alone
  • You can make and receive phone calls from the wrist.
  • Phone notifications, camera, and control and music control from the wrist


  • Not very sleek

Verdict On Amazing for Less

It is an very affordable watch for teenagers with an incapacitate touch screen with many features.

Final Verdict on Choosing The Best Smartwatch for Teenagers

Having gotten all these watches and their features, I would recommend Huami Amazfit Bip for a teenager. This is because of its sleek look. Teenagers like trendy things. It is also full of fun features that keep teens very engaged and active. This watch has many features that more sophisticated brands have yet very affordable. On a tight budget, I would recommend Tencent Q watch which has outstanding features too for teens but is cheaper.

For younger teens and kids above the age of five, I would recommend Vtech Kidizoom DX2 on a tight budget and Garmin Vivofit Jr2 on a flexible budget. These watches are bright and colorful for young teens. They also have a simpler interface that is easy to use.