Best Budget Smartwatches 2022 – Great Deals on Watches

Smartwatches are getting more popular each passing day. That does not mean that they come cheap. However, You can expect to spend a few hundred bucks on acquiring the best smartwatch on a budget for yourself. What you may be unaware of is that you can get a grand bargain and get the essential features that most smartwatches provide.

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There are many products that you can get in today’s market. The baseline is first; you need to figure out what is important to you. Why are you purchasing your smartwatch? What are the features you ultimately cannot do without? This will make it easier to eliminate products that cannot serve any purpose for you.

List of The Best Smartwatches On a Budget

We have taken our time to look for some popular products that are generally well-liked. These are reliable quality smartwatches that are all under a hundred dollars. Here are the ten best smartwatches on a budget.

1. Sazooy Smart Wrist Watch – Best Economical Smartwatch on a Budget

The Sazooy smartwatch is a great product that allows you to have all the features of a smartwatch for a fraction of the cost of the more expensive brands. It has a simple design that allows easy access to basic functions. It is available in a variety of colors including black white, pink and brown.


This product features include a sim support slot allowing the user to make and receive calls and messages directly to their device. The smartwatch also allows you to download and use your favorite apps. You can take pictures and record voices from your smartwatch as well. Access the fitness mode and effectively keep track of your calories, steps, and distance while at the same time keeping track of your sleep patterns.

Pros, Cons and Conclusion

This product is excellent if you want all the features that you can get from a smartwatch at a low cost. The cons, however, are that you will need to add an SD card to store your data and you will also be expected to charge it frequently as it has low battery life. Overall it is a viable product that we think is worth your while and it comes at a low and affordable cost.

2. Fitness Tracker - Best Budget Smartwatch

The final product we believe is worth your while is this smartwatch. The look at first glance is a classy and simple design that can comfortably be worn by men and women. It has a metal strap and a complementary silicone one that you can switch between. It is connected to your devices through Bluetooth and is compatible with iOS and Android.


Keep track of your notifications on the go and access applications monitoring your heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen efficiently. it has multisport settings making it a great fit for anyone with an active lifestyle who wants to keep track of their progress.

Pros, cons, and Conclusion

Its battery life is average with about a hundred hours of standby time. It however only takes about an hour for it to be fully charged. This is a definite advantage that we like.

3. 321OU – Best Smartwatch Under $50

The next product is this fantastic-looking smartwatch that is also available for less than a hundred dollars. This product has two versions available. These include a SIM and Bluetooth model. These products also come in a large variety of colors that you can choose from and it the same cost for the Bluetooth and sim versions.


It is compatible with both IOS and Android. It will also serve all the other purposes that a regular mobile phone would including functions like alarm, music, and camera. The smartwatch also allows tracking of health and training with its pedometer, calorimeter and sleep monitoring functions.
This is a great looking product that serves its purpose well.

Pros, Cons and Conclusion

The overall product is a great product. The likely issues you may face are with the closing mechanism that may be a little problematic with time.

4. Amazfit Bip – Best Smartwatch Under 100 Dollars

Another fitness oriented smartwatch is the Amazfit Bip by Huami. This is one of many Huami products that have been around since smartwatches started to get famous. If your budget is up to $100 then you can go for this best smartwatch under 100. It is available in four color variations that all look great and fit equally comfortable. This product is warranted meaning you can get a replacement or have it fixed within the warranted period. The display is also great with the 1.28” screen.


Some features include footsteps tracking and calorimeter that works well with a lot of different athletes. You will get access to features that give you feedback on your activities each day. You also have the chance to keep up with your notifications, and this is east as you can see messages and online messages on your wrist when on the move.

Pros, Cons and Conclusion

The limitation is that you may be unable to keep your smartwatch charged for too long and there is also a lack of a GPS.

5. Verpro Smart Watch – Best Cheap Smartwatch

The Vepro smartwatch is another great product that is low cost and high performance. It is available in the colors black, purple and grey. It is definitely a great looking unisex product with an adjustable strap that has a comfortable fit.


Some of the features that you can permanently hope to get our first, it is waterproof, and besides the watch function, it provides detailed fitness tracking. Follow up on your routines essentially each time you are on the go with your smartwatch on. Count the calories, steps and get feedback on your progress. Keep track of your blood oxygen and pressure as well as your heart rate whenever you wear your watch and being waterproof, you can wear it doing all kinds of activities.

Pros, Cons and Conclusion

The positive aspects are the fact that you can easily use your smartwatch at all times including in the rain and when dealing with water. The battery life is also average, and you may need to charge more frequently and contend with shorter battery time. Overall it is, however, a great product that serves its purpose well.

6. YIIXIIYN Bluetooth - Best Budget Android Watch

This product is also a very affordable smartwatch that you can get on a budget. It has a simple and functional design with a comfortable fit. It has both Bluetooth and sim support. You can easily add your favorite applications and get your notifications on your wrist on the go.


This product also offers essential features such as calling, sending SMS and alarm clock. Update your music and add customized apps for your training with the add on a function that allows one to download their apps. This is an excellent option for sports people who will get a lot of pre-uploaded fitness and training apps.

Pros, Cons and Conclusion

A great function with this product is that it is also waterproof meaning you can go swimming or diving wearing your smartwatch. It is an overall good product that we love.

7. 2019 version H4 Smartwatch Fitness&Health 2in1 Watch

The next product we will review is this 2019 version smartwatch. It is another product that you can get for under 100 dollars, and you should have high expectations considered it is the newest release by the makers. This smartwatch is available in a variety of colors meaning they definitely have something for all tastes and they also make a product that is well adjusted for use on both Android and iOS.


It is waterproof with a screen that is sunlight friendly. You can easily slide through the different functions that are available to use and find what you need. Fitness is also well considered with the step counter; heart rate monitor as well as a blood pressure monitor. It has a running feature that tracks your progress although it is not GPS enabled.

Pros, Cons and Conclusion

The best part about this smartwatch is the fact that it is waterproof. The most significant disadvantage is the lack of a proper GPS.

8. Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Fitness Tracker SmartWatch on a Budget

​​Available in blue black and pink. This is another one of the under a hundred dollars’ smartwatches that we think will serve you well. The design looks great, and it is nothing too outrageous that you cannot wear with your normal look.


Some of its features include a full-color screen that is responsive, a heart rate monitor that keeps track of the number of beats from your wrist and a pedometer to count your steps. Some other fitness trackers include the calorimeter and the analytics area where you can keep track of your progress. It is also a waterproof product.

Pros, Cons, and Conclusion

It is great that it is a waterproof product and that you can easily change the band to fit your mood. The downside is the battery as well that is shorter in span than its expensive counterparts.

9. Best Budget GPS Smartwatch

Available in black and purple, this product is advertised as a women’s product. We whoever believe both men and women can well use it. The product is elegant and simple with a focus on the health section with lots of functions.


This means that you can expect to get a health assistant with a calorimeter and pedometer as well as a sleep monitor. It is connected via Bluetooth allowing you to view notification on the go and also shows when you have phone calls. This product also comes waterproof although you are advised to avoid pressing any button when you are in the water.

Pros, Cons and Conclusion

It has a silicone band that you can adjust although it is the least desirable part of the watch. It is susceptible to snapping or stretching making it inefficient over time to hold your watch in place.

10. Best Budget Waterproof Fitness Tracker

This is another low-cost smartwatch that looks great and serves its functions effectively. The Bluetooth smartwatch is a great product for anyone who hopes to get a great looking and comfortable product at a low cost. It has a customizable strap that is available in black, green and pink. This makes it versatile for those who want something a little different.


This watch also has sim support allowing the exchange of calls and messages at your wrist, and it has a lot of features that you may enjoy. You can keep up with your training with over 8 apps already installed to allow you to keep up with your workout. The smartwatch also has a health tracker with a heart rate and sleep tracker.

Pros, Cons and Conclusion

The battery life is also a bit short on this product which is something you may have to contend with for a low-cost smartwatch. Overall, it is a real contender which works well with both Android and iOS.

Final Verdict on Choosing The Best Budget Smartwatch

As seen, there many products that you can pick from. The above products, though not too costly serve their functions very effectively. This makes them a great place for you as a buyer to begin your search. Our advice for you is always to know what the most important functions that you expect are and this way; you can quickly kick out the ones that do not serve you well. You will find that there is always something out here for you.