10 Best Smartwatches to Use with iPhone

iPhone is the most fancied phone used not only in the states but also in Europe and other nations. That is why is not only difficult to find some of the best smartwatches that one can use with iPhone but also very tricky because they will have to be compatible with the IOS operating system that is well known with the Apple devices

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You will realize that most manufacturers of the smartwatches have up their game and made the whole scenario quite a challenge with the availability of some excellent and very easy to use smartwatches that can be used with the iPhone.

The choices of the smartwatches to use on the iPhone will largely depend on the kind of phone you are using and for iPhone the best options should be apple watch, but there are a lot of iPhone-friendly phones that are available in the market.

Here is a list of the top ten smartwatches that can be used with the iPhone.

List of The Best Smartwatches to Use with iPhone

1. Apple Watch Series 4

Since we are looking for smartwatches that will work very well with iPhone, then there is no another better way than to start with the apple gadget, and this is the watch series 4. It is not only the obvious choice but also functions pretty good with nearly all iPhone devices because it is custom made to do that.


  • Display: Watch series 4 comes with a bigger screen, and a revamped design and a very well improve sensors with fall detection and ECG Capability.
  • Size: The size has been made much bigger from 30mm t 40mm
  • Design: The black ceramic and sapphire has drastically improved the connection stability and call quality
  • Functionality: It comes with a fall detection as well as faster heart rate readings.


  • It is considered one of the best watch calls.
  • The specifications of the smartwatches are the best overall.
  • The design makes it very easy to wear on any occasion.


  • The smartwatch has one major drawback which is that it has no native sleep detection.
  • The walking auto detect on the device can be slow at some point
  • The battery life is not as impressive as the looks.

Verdict On Apple Watch Series 4

Even though the smartwatch has to improve on the battery life, it is one of the best all-rounder watches when it comes to fitness and style that any iPhone user will not regret.

2. Ticwatch E – Best Smartwatch for iphone 2019

Ticwatch is one of the familiar smartwatches that have taken over the market and tend to do very well with both Android and IOS phones. They are not only very cheap to afford but works equally better gaining the much-needed completion to the big names in the industry.


  • Display: It has a sharp OLED screen
  • Functionality: The device comes with a heart rate sensor and is water resistant
  • Battery Life: When you consider a battery life of one and a half days in a Wear OS watch is very much impressive
  • Design: the bezel of the smartwatch is polycarbonate plastic and not made of steel or aluminum


  • The price of the devices is way better compared to some of the other smartwatches that are competing within the market.
  • It is a great value when you compare the futures that come with the device.


  • The material that is made with does not impress because most of the user are used to steel and aluminum watches, unlike the plastic body.

Verdict On Ticwatch E

The smartwatch is a Chinese product that has really revolutionized the smartwatch industry not only because of the prices but some of the function that it comes with making it one of the most desired smartwatches that work very well with iPhone and at a bargain.

3. Fitbit Versa Waterproof

It is the latest and the most successful Fitbit device that is the smartwatch market at the moment.


  • Design: with a smoothed off design that the ionic smartwatch it looks very good with the rectangular look
  • Battery life: the smartwatch has the three to four days’ battery life which is really impressive
  • Functionality: it is one of the great watches for some of the basic like the notifications, fitness tracking and music control. It also has NFC payment making payment very easy from the wrist.


  • The device is very light and comfortable to wear
  • The price is very competitive in the market.
  • It has a perfect battery life


  • Even though it is similar to the Fitbit Ionic smartwatch, it has no GPS
  • It has a limited application library.

Verdict On Fitbit Versa Waterproof

It is an average smartwatch with almost all the necessary features and application even though some of them are limited it still works very well. The device is water resistant ensuring that the user is comfortable swimming and showering with it.

4. Skagen Falster 2 – Best Skagen Smartwatch

The Skagen Falster 2 is easily compared to some of the iconic names in the industry like the Michael Kors, Diesel, and Emporio Amani because of the classy look that it possesses making it one of the best sport watches available.


  • Size: it is much chunkier sports device when you compare it with some of the Skagen devices, with a 40mm stainless body with a 20mm leather and magnetic strap.
  • Display: it has an impressive 320 X 320 OLED screen with a bezel that has monochrome with customized pusher buttons on the sides.
  • Specification: it runs on a Snapdragon Wear 2100 Processor giving it an outstanding performance as well as the battery life.


  • It has a classy design
  • The screen is very good.
  • Compatible with both iOS and Android devices


  • It is not the best model for power users.

Verdict On Skagen Falster 2

The features and classy design is the reason why this gadget is easily compared to some of the great in the industry and the performance will not disappoint. The smartwatch is compatible bot only with the iPhone devices nut also android depending on what you prefer.

5. Michael Kors Access Runway – Best GPS Smartwatch

Michael Kors products have already created a brand for themselves in the market, and this is no different with the Michael Kors. You will realize that when you own this watch that there is no better Wear OS watch than this just because of the way it designed and customized blend in.


  • Functionality: Even though it is still an old model, it delivers very well with a GPS for sports tracking and a 24/7 heart rate monitor on the back of the device. There is also the option of switching to the 4G for those individuals who are willing to pay more.
  • Display: It has the OLED screen that is s excellent display to show in the Wear OS
  • Battery Life: One of the best battery life of more than two days without charging.


  • The best fitness features available.
  • Availability of the 4G Model
  • Excellent battery life


  • The design is not so much inspiring.

Verdict On Michael Kors Access Runway

This device is not so much different with some of the much-hyped smartwatches because it gives equally the same functions. The only drawback and what has really let the device down as far as the brand is concerned. Moreover, at the same time looks good when worn on the wrist.

6. Garmin Forerunner 245 – Cheap Smartwatch that works with iPhone

This smartwatch is debatable as to whether it can be a smartwatch or not; this is because of some of the limited smarts application. The original design was for athletes rather than for casual wearing.


  • Functions: Despite its limited smart features the smartwatch delivers some of the basics like notifications, music control, weather reports and much more as long as it is connected to the IQ app store.
  • Display: It has a smart ultra-low display power consumption making it last for a very long time without being charges


  • One of the best battery life
  • It fits very well on the wrist.


  • Very limited smarts available

Verdict On Garmin Forerunner 245

As mentioned earlier it is one of the great smartwatches for athletes and not everyone else because they might find themselves limited to the application that is available on this smart device.

7. Samsung Galaxy Watch – Best Smartwatch to use with iPhone

There are so many Samsung smartwatches that are compatible with iPhone but nothing beats this phone, and you will realize that it is a successor of the much talked about Gear S3. The phone is one of the must-have devices not only because of the toughness but also very good when one is looking for a device that has some of the best health features.


  • Size: The phone is available in both 42mm and 45mm model and can be replaced to a gear sport if preferred by the user.
  • Technology: The phone runs in a Tizen 4.0 which is very good when you are looking for a well-rounded platform with one of the best rotating bezel for navigating which comes in handy when you do not want to get your fingers all over the screen of the phone.


  • The battery life id one of the best when compared to some of the apple smartwatches.
  • It is a swim friendly smartwatch that is built not only for fitness and health purses but also integrated for sleep tracking.


  • One of the major drawbacks of the phone is the price as it goes for about USD 300 which might be so much for many users out there.

Verdict On Samsung Galaxy Watch

This is one of the best smartwatches when you are considering a phone that is compatible with the iPhone with some of the cutting edge technology that comes with it. Even though the price might be slightly high, but it is worth every penny.

8. Kate Spade New York Scallop – Best Economical Smartwatch

Not on so many occasion have we come up with a smartwatch that is customized for ladies and this is what Kate Spade New York Scallop is all about.


  • Display: The smartwatch has a 1.19 inch AMOLED display that is easily contained in a 42mm case ensuring that is not any bigger than the larger Apple watches
  • Design: Because it is designed with the women in mind it is much prettier than the majority of the smartwatches out there.


  • Sleek design and suitable for ladies of class
  • Include google pay GPS and swim proof design


  • Lacks some of the basic features of fitness that is well conversant with the smartwatches of today
  • The price of 330 USD is about double some of the standard smartwatches.

Verdict On Kate Spade New York Scallop

There is no better present that a woman will appreciate that the Kate Spade smartwatch because of the way it stands out in terms of design and the fact that it has a majority of the features associated with smartwatches makes it the best pick for any lady.

9. Huawei watch GT – Best Smartwatch for Women

Huawei is a brand that will not disappoint when they come up with a device, and the Watch GT is another masterclass that has lived to the expectation not only because of the battery life of about two weeks and not a one or two days but also the one of a kind design that stands out.


  • Functionality: The devices come with a GPS tracking of both your runs and cycles with a whole time heart rate monitoring
  • Notification: It is one of the devices that will last for over two weeks with an on display and at the same time have a shallow maintenance style and will not allow you reply to messages and the fact that one can easily download some of the application makes it user-friendly.


  • One of the best smartwatches out there with a fantastic battery life
  • The design not only looks good but also functions very well.
  • It is also very proud of good fitness tracking.


  • The smart features are very few.

Verdict On Huawei watch GT

As earlier mentioned it is one of the best smartwatches when you have to consider the battery life and the fact that it can go for over two weeks without charging makes it one of the best smartwatches that is a must-have.

10. Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 – Best smartwatch iPhone Compatible

There is no doubt that as soon as you mention Tag Heuer, the one thing that will come to your mind is the price. The apple does not fall far from the tree, and this is the case with this smartwatch because it is the most expensive Wear OS Watch.


  • Functionality: It operates on a Wear operating system and has the NFC and GPS on board
  • Design: It will take some time for anyone to realize that this phone is different from the classic tag with full custom watch faces.


  • Very luxurious smartwatch by a mile
  • Sleek design and features compared to most Tag designs.


  • Price of the smartwatches is way above from the rest and goes for about USD 1,650

Verdict On Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45

This is one of the best smartwatches for an individual who is looking for class and has the wallet to back up the ego because a price of USD 1700 is not a joke for any ordinary iPhone users.

Final Verdict on Choosing The Best Smartwatch to Use with iPhone

The technology companies are having a sleepless night to come up with some of the most cutting edge technology and at the same time user-friendly, and that is why it is very important to take your time when choosing the smartwatch for your iPhone.

This article should be able to guide on what to look for but most crucial id the user first to know what they are looking for before diving into the market because the choices might be overwhelming.