Fossil Smartwatch Gen 3 vs Gen 4

As a consumer, purchasing a new watch can be quite an overwhelming task. Choices may include analog, digital, or LED. Some have batteries while others are solar. Leather, nylon, and stainless steel bands are another accessory to decide upon. Moreover, now in the age of technology, we find ourselves adopting a new breed to the bunch…smartwatches. With smartwatches, we longer look to the simplest of features. Heart monitors, GPS monitoring, smartphone compatibility, the list expands intensely in the choices of the consumer now. These watches come in just as many options as the rest and no two versions are exactly the same.

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The Fossil Smartwatch comes with excellent reviews and stylish looks. For the beginning consumer or the luxury collector, comparing two products of different generations can be an excellent start at trying to discover just how different the options can be. In this review, we will do just that by comparing one Fossil Smartwatch to another. Looking at things such as features, pros, and cons, we can get a great idea on just how these two watches compare. Let us begin.

Comparison of Fossil Smartwatch Gen 3 vs Gen 4

Fossil Smartwatch Gen3

Imagine you are walking through the market and decide to browse a few watches that a nearby vendor has out for viewing and purchase. Chances are pretty high there will be some very nice looking watches. 

The Fossil Smartwatch Gen3 could very well be among those with very little doubt. Offering a variety of band selections and colors, this watch is easy on the eyes. As with any watch, the quality display should be important, and this watch cannot provide exactly that. Let’s explore some of the many things the Fossil Smartwatch Gen3 has to offer for the consumer.


The Gen3 supports a variety of features to enhance your experience while using. With a built-in activity tracker, you can easily keep track of time, perform your daily activities, and keep up with your online life all at one time. Connecting to your media allows you to also enjoy your favorite music on the go. Also, no concern should be taken while hiking, as if you snag your watch band on a limb, it can be easily interchanged with another.

Speaking of interchanging… customize your buttons, watch face, or even dials to match your mood. With the addition of an alarm, LED flashlight, and a calendar with reminders, this tiny machine becomes more than a watch and more of a personal aide to your life. This Fossil Smartwatch also comes with 4Gb storage.

Operating on Wear OS by Google, and using a Qualcomm Snapdragon wear 2100 processor, the battery life is still estimated to give you 24 hours on the go. Last but not least, the Gen3 is compatible with Android and iOS allowing you to find even more features to play and enjoy.


The Fossil Gen 3 smartwatch comes with a respectable list of advantages. Starting with the simple yet slick design, it gives the impression of modern style and flares without going all out. Only costing the consumer around $200.00, the Gen 3 gives off a bright screen with touchscreen capabilities. Bluetooth and Wifi compatible, it can keep track of notifications and text messages as well as voicemails throughout your busy day. As your busy day pursues, the fitness tracker can help you keep track of that tedious exercise schedule.


Many customers complain that battery life doesn’t live up to reputation and only gives 12-19 hours in most cases. All advertisements claim to last 24 hours. Some report the batteries failing as early as 6 hours though these are rarer. Another large complaint is the fitness tracker. The heart rate sensor was not installed with it to much surprise by those that had already purchased the watch.

Further related to the battery, a software issue that interferes with the center button from accessing Google Assistant. The problem causes the watch to reboot and/or venture into what is known as a boot loop. Ultimately, the loop creates havoc on the battery and causes it to crash. Coming to a close on the battery, the bands also come with issues as the hinges that hold the band has a tendency to break.

Final Verdict on Fossil Smartwatch Gen3

After a quick review of the Fossil Smartwatch Gen3, a few conclusions can be made. For the price compared to the competitors, the Gen 3 more than stands on its own. The downsides, in reality, are quite trivial compared to the perks and the decision would be based on preference alone. Most of the cons are reviews from customers that tell only their side. However, it is highly reviewed by most and maintains over a 50% 5-star satisfaction score. A lot of features and classy taste make the purchase of this watch well worth the consumer’s risk. Maybe not the best of the list, but certainly a fan favorite.

Fossil Smartwatch Gen 4

As with all products on the market, a newer version is only lurking just around the corner. Meet the Fossil Smartwatch Gen 4. In comparing your new smartwatch decision, maybe you’re deciding that going with older technology will help you catch up. For some, this can be true. If you’re one of those that like to jump to the newer models then here is some information to compare against the Gen 3. With similar styles, Gen 4 offers different features, and as such, more pros and cons. After comparing the two, you will be on you’re way to you’re a new smartwatch.


Sporting all the features of the Gen3, the Fossil Smartwatch Gen4 also comes with a variety of new features. With Google Play, you can use your watch to make purchases almost anywhere. Store and play your favorite music via the use of untethered GPS. Track your runs and your heart rate all at once with the addition of the heart rate tracker.

You can also shower, swim, fish or many other activities with no fear of water as the swim-proof technology has been added. For only $75 more than the Gen 3, the new features plus the old are well worth the package. Ability to connect to wireless networks and smartphones are still available. Interchangeable bands and notifications are still a favorite among the customer base.


Coming into the market as the upgrade to the Gen3, the Fossil Smartwatch Gen4 gets a high jump on the reviews with the addition of the heart rate tracker. After many complaints with the previous version, Fossil has proved the customer base matters. Some other great pros are being lightweight and durable. Using the same quality products Fossil is known for, they also lightened the weight, answering other complaints the previous generation owned and increasing comfortability.

The Gen 4 is also compatible with all 22mm watch straps allowing easy customization. In addition to strap customization, the Fossil Gen allows the customer personally set dials and the face screen, making your Fossil Smartwatch Gen 4 entirely your own.


Despite how amazing the Gen 4 Fossil Smartwatch sounds, let’s not forget that it is not perfect. Just as its predecessor, it too has its flaws. We can first expose the elephant in the room and note that while they listened about the heart rate tracker, someone forgets about the battery. Still the number one complaint in the reviews, the battery is even advertised with a twenty-four-hour life. The reviews dispute this information claiming only 6-18 hours of life. That consumption is based upon how much activity the watch is performing.

A new issue is a software problem that causes compatibility issues with iOS. There hasn’t been a fix for this as of yet, and no known fix on the message boards. Customers also claim that the text/calling feature advertised only allows them to receive notifications of calls or texts. They must use their phone to respond to text or make a phone call.

Final Verdict on Fossil Smartwatch Gen 4

My thoughts on the Fossil Smartwatch Gen4 is as follows; for the price, it’s worth the upgrade. After many complaints on the Gen 3 smartwatches lack of a heart rate tracker, fans of the Fossil series were rewarded with this newcomer. The GPS tracker and swim proof technology also brought this product up to date with competitors. The watch advertises ‘text/mail available’, but conflicting with this are dozens of reviews of customers complaining that it isn’t present on this product. Perhaps the iOS compatibility issues are to cause for that. As of March 23, 2019, the compatibility was still an issue. It is still the same Fossil style you can expect and the errors fixed between generations show the company is listening to its customers. Overall it seems to be a great watch and with no doubt, an upgrade to its pre-generation version.

Final Verdict on Fossil Smartwatch Gen 3 vs Gen 4

As a customer on the hunt for that new watch, you may have learned a few things comparing these two watches. First, the later of the two will usually be more expensive. Although in this case, we are talking about generational differences. In the Fossil Smartwatch Gen3 and Gen4, it can still be fair to say that also comparable to this review; the more expensive will usually contain a little more technology.

As for these two watches, our comparison can reflect that while the Gen4 is the newer version, the Gen 3 is still quite the contender and quite possibly equal to the newer arrival. Both contain virtually the same features. Styles to choose amongst are also quite similar to the counter option. Software, operating system, storage, run at the same parameters. One major difference is the heart rate tracker which would at first glance push the Gen 4 ahead. The text/call features work on the Gen3 with no iOS compatibilities. This again makes them quite equal.

For cost/quality concept, a new watch customer would, in my opinion, be better off with the Fossil Smartwatch Gen3 over the Gen 4 based on pure practicality. If a heart rate tracker is a necessity, then Gen 4 is your perfect choice. If, not your priority, save $75 and opt for the Gen 3. They are both respectable watches.

With all this being said, It is time to pick a real winner. We have researched many pros and cons of both Fossil watches. Both share many features, and some have a few unique to themselves. The Gen 4 is the apparent favorite among those betting. The heart rate tracker and the Gps come out pretty tough against the Gen3. The underdog cant is counted out though. In fact, if you take away the heart rate tracker, it pretty much becomes the same watch. This is the most logical reason that they take away results in this matchup belongs to…The Fossil Smartwatch Gen 3. A perfect example that the old isn’t always outdated. For the price difference, the Gen 4 simply doesn’t hold its own in this comparison. Now we have the Gen 5 maybe to look forward to as a future contender.

I look forward to covering that matchup as well.