Will any Smartwatch work with iPhone?

With the rate at which technology has been advancing am pretty sure soon and very soon someone will come up with something that can project our thoughts on a screen, so you don’t have to speak you only need to think. You might be doubting my statement but if you were around in the 1960s and someone told you there would be a smartphone, an electric car, self-driven vehicle, am sure you would have judged the statement and termed it a prophecy.

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However, we all have these smart gadgets now and thanks to the inventors of smartphones today we don’t just use it for communication, but it has become more than that. Among the 21st-century technology advancements that have really impressed a lot of technology enthusiast is smartwatches.

A smartwatch has eliminated the need to keep on checking on your smartphone when you need to receive a call, make a call, message someone or read a message, checking on notifications, listen to your music, watch videos, check on your fitness health and so much more. Nearly every smartphone company has its own smartwatch brand. For those with an iOS device, in this case, an iPhone sometimes they wonder will any smartwatch work with iPhone? That’s a question in many iPhone users mind, and we are here to confirm to you “yes” these days any smartwatch is compatible with an iOS device.

However, the bad news is other than an iPhone brand smartwatch; other smartwatch brands may have limited functionality capabilities, which means not all features (such as Wi-Fi connectivity, downloading of apps) are available when linked to the iOS device. That’s why we advise you when you are buying a smartwatch which is intended to be linked with an iPhone you have to consider the compatibility aspect of it.

Since we have given the green light on your decision to buy any smartwatch other than the iPhone brand’s watch we have to caution you on several things which you may want to lookout before buying that smartwatch you desire so much.

Check On The Apps

Other than compatibility of your smartwatch you also need to consider applications compatibility or availability. Most smartwatches companies feature fully fledged app stores on the watches making it easier to access many apps from your wrist, but not everything is included. So before you order any smartwatch checkout on the app selection in your list first.

Additional Features

When buying a smartwatch don’t just look at the aspect of handling your digital life conveniently and discreetly. No, go for something that offers more than a common feature. In this case am recommending a smartwatch that can act as a fitness tracker, something with a GPS, or even if it’s within your capacity a smartwatch with an ECG function. So always look at the additional features.


When choosing a smartwatch, you need to check what type of notifications does your smartwatch display? Many smartwatches display a number of notifications such as social network notifications, e-mails, incoming calls, messages, alarms and so much more. However, not all smartwatches have the capability to allow you to receive a call directly on your smartwatch or read a full message rather than just a notification. It would be best if you had a smartwatch that fully meets your needs.


The display of your smartwatch is something you might want to consider since the quality of the pictures or videos is usually affected by the display and also power. The LCD screens use more power than OLED screens so choose your smartwatch wisely for better efficiency.

Battery Life and Charging

There is nothing more irritating than buying a smartwatch that in every few hours you have to throw it on a charger. You need a smartwatch with longer battery life, and in this case, many smartwatches have a battery life of 24 hours to 72 hours depending on the brand of the smartwatch. You also need to consider whether you need a smartwatch that requires a plug in to charge or you need a wirelessly chargeable smartwatch.


Smartwatches can be very expensive, but that depends on what brand you are going for, the features of the smartwatch and accessories. However, there is something for everyone, and I can guarantee you, a quality smartwatch that is going at $100 while another it’s going at $1000. So go for the smartwatch that best fits your budget since there is something for everyone.


On the question of whether will any smartwatch work with iPhone? We can assure you the smartwatch brands that are in the market today are compatible with the iOS device something macworld.com and tomsguide.com concur. Get a smartwatch that will help you stay connected while you multitask. This above guide will walk you through on what to look for when making a buying decision on a smartwatch.