Best Smartwatches for Google Pixel 3

Google Pixel 3 is a great smartphone indeed. It pairs and works with numerous smartwatches. For you to be guaranteed some seamless services and applications, you have to acquire and incorporate the best smartwatch for google pixel 3. Our review below endeavors to let you know more about them.

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List of The Best Smartwatches for Google Pixel 3

1. TicWatch E - The Best Smartwatch for Google Pixel 3

Are you looking for a smartwatch for all occasions? This is the one to consider leveraging. It lets you enjoy that role by allowing you to personalize your looks courtesy of the interchangeable watch bands.


  • Water and Dust-resistance: This watch is resistant to both water and dust. This stems from its exhibition of the IP67 water & dust resistance rating. You never have to worry about the risk of sweating.
  • Built-in GPS: You will also enjoy the benefit of being able to stay awake as regards your current destination. The built-in GPS tracking device provides this role. Say no to the risks of getting lost.
  • Most Accurate Heart Rate Monitor Watch: With Ticwatch E watch, it is also possible for you to track the rate of your heartbeats. Its heart rate monitor tracks your heart rate accurately which makes it a most accurate heart rate monitor watch. This arrangement prevents you from burning out.


  • Assures you of assistance from Google all-day long
  • Has a voice search feature for ease of retrieving the required information​
  • Compatible with both the iPhone and Android​
  • Accommodates numerous apps​
  • Keeps you motivated while working out


  • Unsuitable for complete subversion
  • Slightly bulky to wear
  • Somewhat complicated to a simple user

Verdict On TicWatch E Bluetooth Smart Watch

Get hold of this watch and personalize your workouts. You will find it quite suited for all occasions of possible use.

2. Mgaolo Q18 - The Best Smartwatch for Google Pixel Phones

Do you travel a lot or carry out extensive photography and video recording? This is the watch of your choosing. It is light yet optimized for photography and recording.


  • 2 Working Modes:The smartwatch can operate in the company and network mode. While in the former, it receives and transmits data via Bluetooth connectivity. While in the latter way, it makes use of the cellular network to do so. So for those who are in search of smartwatch which can call and send text messages. It makes a perfect deal. Mgaolo Smartwatch you can text on.
  • Sync Functionality: It is possible for you to connect and share with others via social media platforms. To do this, you will have to make use of the smartwatch’s sync functionality.
  • Phone Functionality: Also, you will be able to make and receive calls. To do so, you will have to switch to phone functionality. Also, you will have to slot in the necessary SIM card.


  • Sends messages via the cellular network
  • Able to discharge most functions of a standard phone
  • Works hand in hand with many kinds of phone models
  • Easily comprehensible by just every other potential user
  • Has an audio player for effectual sound output


  • Cannot work with the iOS makes of electronics
  • Has a slightly masculine appearance which renders it not so great for women
  • Inflicts longer charging times

Verdict On Mgaolo Q18 Smart Watch

If you are that kind of a person who travels a lot, this is the smartwatch of your choice and liking. The earlier you get hold of it, the better it will be for you.

3. Sazooy - Best Pixel 3 Smartwatch

If your search for the right watch is dictated for the need for full family use, then this as well could be your phone of choice. As you are about to see, it is durable and comprehensive in scope to allow for this.


  • All-in-one Fitness Tracker: Coming along with this phone is the all-in-one fitness tracker. This lets you keep abreast your day-to-day strides and milestones. These include the calories you have burned, the total distance you have covered, and the steps are taken.
  • Sleep Monitoring: Other than tracking your activities, this watch also monitors your sleep patterns. It records both the light and the deep sleep plus how long they lasted.
  • Sedentary Reminder: Lastly, this watch also alerts you in case you may have stayed idle for too long. This will necessitate you taking some rest or breathers to avoid over-fatigue.


  • Grants you the services of your phone away from it
  • Minimizes clutter owing to the Bluetooth connectivity
  • Lets you communicate without using your phone
  • Negates the need for using the hands to make and receive calls
  • Organizes your music and tracks well


  • Cannot be used for swimming
  • Offers no support to the vibration functionality
  • A bit weighty to handle with ease

Verdict On Sazooy Wrist SmartWatch

Well, for your whole family use and applications, you have no better watch than this one. Save yourself some money and stress by laying your hand on it.

4.Huawei Watch 2 - 4G Smartwatch Compatible With Google Pixel 3

Do you intend to undertake intense sports and workouts? Well, we have some good news for you. This watch is strong and durable enough for that kind of application. Also Huawei watch 2 is the 4G smart watch with unlocked IP68 4 GB.


  • Dual-watch Crown: Its crown is dual in nature. It is also fitted with the HD retina display unit as well as a ceramic bezel. In light of this, the watch also serves some aesthetic values.
  • 4G Connectivity: BIt features the latest 4G connectivity. As such, it receives and transmits data faster with minimal downtimes. This is especially great for internet-based applications.
  • Mobile Payment Functionality: The watch allows you to link your bank cards with the Android Pay App. The combination, in turn, gives you the leeway to process quick payments remotely.


  • Expedites your plays by use of past data
  • Has some safe and comfortable straps which fasten well on your wrist
  • Allows you to customize its parts like the straps for unique occasions
  • Helps you to manage a excellent workout courtesy of the plenty of backup information
  • Notifies you of the progress at hand for the elimination of doubt


  • Limited applicability (only for men)
  • Analog display gives room for ambiguity
  • Requires frequent maintenance

Verdict On Huawei Watch 2 Sport Bluetooth

You have no worthier friend than this one if all you are looking for is a good watch for sports and intense workouts. It indeed has all the important features which make this reality possible.

5. Kids Smart Watch Phone - Best Kids Smartwatch with Google Pixel

In case you have some boys or girls in your home whom you would like to keep fit, pay attention here. As you are about to note, this watch handles those roles well and is hence a prime consideration. It is the best smart watch for kids with GBS.


  • Remote Monitoring: Courtesy of a built-in app, it is possible for you to keep constant tabs of your child’s whereabouts at any given time. This comes in handy in moments of dangers or needs for evacuations.
  • Built-in Camera: It does also have a built-in camera through which you can capture those memorable moments. For this reason, the watch brings in more value for your money at any given time.
  • Call Management: This watch further lets your young ones manage their calls. They may answer or choose to hang up the incoming calls if they so wish.


  • Allows for adequate parental controls and monitoring
  • Minimally invasive and gives your child some space
  • Supports an alarm feature which alerts your child of any impending dangers
  • Enables your child to make distress calls when in danger
  • Provides room for one-on-one chats with your child


  • Only for the minors
  • Delicate to handle and efficiently sustains damages
  • Requires too much attention on your part

Verdict On Kids Phone Smart Watch

Not withstanding the few shortcomings above, this watch is still a great use by the girls and boys for fitness. It is in your best interest to find and make use of it for that role.

6. Sony SmartWatch - Google Pixel 3 Compatible Watch 2020

All factors considered, this watch is designed both to perform and impress. Sony smartwatch embodies all the topnotch technology and functionality necessary for maximum enjoyment which makes it best google pixel 3 smartwatch.


  • Effective Controls: The watch possesses some great controls features. Examples of these are the touch, voice and gesture controls. They let you input the commands and instructions in a wide variety of ways and means for your maximum convenience.
  • Awesome Orientation: It also has all the necessary apparatus for tracking your orientation. These include GPS, gyrometer, compass, and accelerometer. You can never get lost or miss your steps while exercising at all.
  • Dust and Waterproof: This watch is resistant to both the dust and the water. It’s waterproof rating, is the impressive IP681. You need not to worry about the likelihood of soiling it while in use.


  • Integrates and communicates with the Google Now
  • Confers to you all the services of a standard smartphone
  • Has enough space for storing the relevant music files and tracks
  • Exhibits both style and technology
  • Accommodates some downloaded apps for a greater experience


  • A bit complicated to a more straightforward user
  • Calls for some prior expertise before use
  • Beyond the reach of less-moneyed would-be users

Verdict On Sony SWR50 SmartWatch – Google Pixel Watch 2019

This watch, by virtue of being able to perform and impress, is a ‘must have.’ You cannot afford to look elsewhere with it at your fingertips.

7. Bluetooth Smartwatch – The Best Fitness Tracker for Google Pixel

Extreme workouts come with the need to acquire similarly tough watches. You do not want to incur higher repair and maintenance expenses. Give this watch a try. The Smartchwatch which need a sim card as it has sim card slot by which you can use it as a phone as well.


  • Unparalleled Capacity: Perhaps no other watch can discharge its duties better than this one. That is because it has some unparalleled capacity. In light of this, it embodies TF storage card, higher storage space, and memory.
  • G-Sensor: It does have an accelerometer fitted in it. This one detects your pace and alerts you of any impending dangers or issues that may arise from your unusual speed.
  • Durable Construction: As hinted, this watch can and indeed does stand tall regardless of how much impact is thrown at it. This stems from its durable housing which never disintegrates or breaks apart no matter what.


  • Available in numerous international languages
  • Super light and extremely comfortable
  • Wards off sweat during sports and movements
  • Guarantees you unconstrained performance and long-lasting impacts
  • Its adjustable strap lengthens and shortens to fit your wrist size perfectly


  • Possesses a nondescript appearance
  • Has limited connectivity features
  • High power consumption

Verdict On Bluetooth Smart Watch with Camera Sim Card Slot

For extreme workouts, you have no better companion than this watch. As you may see, it is sturdy and durable enough to ensure such performance.

8. Aeifond – Best Watch for Google Pixel

This watch is exclusively designed and intended for women and girls. Its appearance is feminine and is generally very beautiful to behold, as you are about to note.


  • Two-way Anti-lost: The watch is equipped with a unique feature which allows you to find it whenever it happens to get lost. You connect it to your phone, and an alarm will trigger if it gets beyond a certain perimeter.
  • Pedometer: Do you want to know how many steps you make at a time and how fast? The pedometer feature in this watch will yet again keep you posted on the same. It also displays the sports mileage and calories burned.
  • Sedentary Reminder:If you are on a weight loss regime, you also have this watch for your use. Its sedentary reminder shall trigger an alarm to alert you if you have been sitting for far too long.


  • Enriches your sleep quality
  • Its appearance makes it a Best SmartWatch for teenager
  • Lets you capture photos and memorable moments
  • Contains numerous other important features
  • Supports several social media platforms
  • Transmits data wirelessly courtesy of the Bluetooth feature


  • Unsuitable for men
  • Easily sustains dirt
  • Looks ugly after a short time

Verdict On Aeifond Sport Smart Watch

Are you a woman worth her salt? There you have this watch for your possession. Its elegant appearance is a trait you don’t want to lose out on.

9. TicWatch Pro - Smartwatch Compatible with Google Pixel

Even though smartwatches are used mainly to display time, they can help you in your fitness as well. TicWatch Pro, in particular, is great for health and fitness activities.


  • Award-winning Design: On the whole, the watch features an award-winning design. This comes in the form of the stainless steel bezel, carbon fiber body, great cover, and the Italian breathable leather straps.
  • Built-in Google Assistant: Forming part of this watch is the built-in Google Assistant. With this assistant, it is possible for you to make calls, send messages, or seek directions.
  • Two Operational Modes: The watch operates in two main modes namely the ‘Essential Mode’ and the ‘Smart Mode’ respectively. You have the leeway to choose your desired mode for the sake of lining up with your preferences.


  • Counts your calories to enable you to hit your health goals
  • Monitors the rate of your heartbeats for good health
  • Pairs with many other kinds of relevant fitness apps
  • Allows you to stream music directly to your gadgets


  • May not perform other chores well
  • Inflicts higher utility bills on you
  • Demands larger mounting space requirements

Verdict On TicWatch Pro Smart Watch

For all your health and fitness needs, make the ownership of this watch a priority. It has all the relevant traits and features needful for the accomplishment of this role.

10. Beaulin – Best Smartwatch Compatible With Google Pixel

If your search for the right watch is dictated by the need to minister to women and kids, do consider this one. Beaulin smartwatch is ideally intended for the persons stated by containing the relevant features.


  • Activity Tracking: The watch can monitor your activities diligently. It memorizes your daily lifestyle to keep you posted on your progress. You will, for instance, be able to know about your walking distance and steps.
  • Daily Life Waterproof: In all, this watch is both sweat and water-resistant. Regardless of how sweaty you are, the watch shall retain its proper functioning and form.
  • Awesome Connectivity: With this watch, it is possible for you to pair with compatible devices via Bluetooth connectivity. It can communicate with Android and iOS versions of electronics which makes it a Best Android Smartwatch 2019.


  • Lets you answer and make phone calls
  • Has a sleep monitor to enrich your sleeping habits
  • Enjoy your music as well with this watch
  • Contains numerous social media interactions features
  • Transmits data seamless via the wireless technology


  • Shorter battery lifespan
  • Easily damaged by hot water or excessive sweat
  • Not for too large wrists

Verdict On Bluetooth Smart Watch, Touch Screen Sport Wrist Watch

There you have it! Take this watch and give it to your woman or kid. They will genuinely appreciate it seeing that it ministers to their needs well.

Final Verdict on Choosing The Best Google Pixel 3 smartwatch

We have done our part by identifying and reviewing to you the best smartwatch for pixel 3. It is now up to you to go ahead and find the right one for your use. When are you doing so? Also, who else are you influencing to purchase it too?