Best Smartwatches for Galaxy Note in 2022

Smartwatches are a highly advanced technology that allows us to have access to various features and functions right on our wrists. These watches can track our health, allow us to make and receive calls, and even read messages while we are on the go. There are numerous types of smartwatches available today, however, not all of them are compatible with Samsung smartphones.

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This article presents the top picks for smartwatches that are compatible with the Samsung Note 9. Our research has determined the best options for those looking to purchase a smartwatch to use with their Note 9.

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List of the Best Smartwatches for Galaxy Note

1. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 - Best Smartwatch for Galaxy Note 10

The active two watches of the Samsung galaxy are beautiful watches with sleep tracking built-in, good battery life, workout tracking, and an ECG sensor that is used for atrial fibrillation diagnosing. When it comes to Design, the active 2 watch is the one to buy.

Slim and Sleek Design

The Samsung active 2 watch slips easily under the cuffs of your shirt because of its small size. It comes with 40 and 44 mm sizes that are 10.9 mm thick. The one that is 44mm weighs 30.

The screen is large enough despite its size and has an OLED bright screen making it easy to read outdoors.

When you want to scroll through its lists, just move slide one of your fingers around its edge. The Galaxy active 2 watch is water-resistant as long as you don’t go below 50 m. it has a water mode feature that ensures no accidental activation underwater. It also provides the speaker with water that clears when you are out of water.

Excellent Battery Life & Performance

Since Samsung manufactures both its software and hardware for its smartwatches, the quality is excellent. The watch’s Performance is fast and is lag-free. Even though the screen is on all the time, your watch will be on for at least two days. Running or walking exercises tracking with high accuracy.

The Samsung galaxy active 2 also charges wirelessly, which is a plus. It does so in under two hours by use of a puck-magnet on the watches back. If you have a power share on your phone, you can charge it using the back of your phone. The smartwatch and phone connect through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. You can also take calls with your watch, and the connection is very excellent.

Samsung Health

When you need a watch to track your health, then the active two is the watch to buy. It monitors your stress levels and then guides you through breathing. It has features like heart rate, activity, menstrual cycle, steps, floors climbed, and stress, not forgetting weight, sleep, caffeine, and hydration features.

For running, you get a lot of options. You can set your targets for time, calories, distance laps, and the watch automatically pauses when you do. You can use the back button to break or even when you start, which is more accessible than the screen.


  • Very lightweight
  • Very long battery life
  • Bright and big screen
  • Excellent Performance
  • High fitness and health tracking
  • 50-meter resistance to water


  • Smart camera notifications issues
  • iPhone functionality is limited

2. Samsung Gear s3 Frontier – The Best Smartwatch for Note 9

With the Samsung gear s3, you can finally leave your smartphone at home. It has its heart-rate monitor, LTE, GPS, WI-FI, voice controls, and even mobile payments. The gear s3 frontier is among the first smartwatches to give full untethered experience. Most people like this watch because of its long-life battery and exquisite Design. It is best for you if looking for a slim, sporty watch.

Great Design

The Samsung Galaxy s3 Frontiers face measures 49 by 46 mm and weighs 2.2 ounces with no band. Its casing is stainless steel, which is very attractive, and for easier turning of the rotation bezel, there are serrations. The serrations make the watch look great. There are two buttons on the watch’s right side; the lower button returns you to the home screen while the upper switch is a universal button for going back. It can be submerged up to 5 ft. and stay there for up to 30 min.

Nice Display

The S3 Frontier has a bright enough screen with a brilliant view both day and night. It has a resolution of 360 pixels, which is quite clear. It allows you to set the screen on dim, which is not that much different from the full light screen.


The Samsung s3 frontier has two layers of Tizen OS. Using the home screen, you can go right or left and access notifications, create reminders, see apps that have been used recently, and check health and weather statistics. The S3 has a revolving bezel, which lets you scroll faster and efficiently through items on the menu. You can trace letters on the screen and then send a message, which is very cool.


The s3 has a barometer and altimeter sensors. The two measure the weather and your elevation. It limits interactions to taps instead of swipes. That is very important, especially when you are done exercising and are very sweaty. You just rotate the bezel and change from either calorie to pace or speed and even heart rate.


  • Samsung Pay for money transfers
  • Beautiful and durable Design
  • GPS location is a plus
  • Great voice control
  • Has a Built-in LTE


  • A minimal selection of apps
  • More significant in size compared to other watches

3. Samsung Galaxy Watch - Best Smartwatch for Note 10

The galaxy watch is one of Samsung’s advanced smartwatches. That is because it has a full four-day battery life and excellent fitness tracking. It is silver and black with a rotating bezel that gives you easy rotation/navigation. This watch is best for Samsung users, and if you are an iPhone user, it may be limited for you.

Waterproof to 50 meters

This watch is designed to be swim-proof, which is very cool. Even if you are swimming in chlorinated water or at the beach with salty water, you don’t have to worry. Just ensure that you rinse it afterward.

Excellent Battery Life

If you are using the 46 mm model, you can be sure that the watch’s power lasts four days. But, if using the 42mm model, it will last for three days as you can see, both of them last a pretty long amount of time, which is very convenient.

Extra Workout Options and Exercises

For runners, you are going to love this watch. It is competent, especially with GPS performance, improved. The watch can track you when asleep and report findings when you wake up. It not only follows your workout, but it also encourages you to work out more.

The watch offers a stress management feature by using the integrated sensors and heart rate monitor. That is great because you can realize that your stress levels are going up and then stop what you are doing and breathe. It also has a place to log in to your caffeine and water intake.

Voice Assistant

The galaxy watch has a pretty great voice assistant. You can issue voice commands like start a workout, or ask what the weather is and even voice record a text message. If you are an iPhone user, these features may be limited to you.


  • Contactless payments
  • Impressive battery life
  • Excellent software smartwatch core
  • Rotating bezel for more comfortable use


  • Terrible Bixby
  • Wireless charging
  • Google Maps are not available,
  • WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger

4. Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch – Best Smartwatch for Samsung Note 10 Plus

Samsung gear S2 is one of the best smartwatches manufactured by Samsung. Its circular display makes it easier for even first time users to navigate it. What also puts it on the front is its long battery life and fitness tracking. The fact that it can also be used with some android phones is also a plus.

Great Design with Rotating Bezel

Its circular display has a metal bezel that has two buttons. One is used for backing step by step and the other for going to the home screen. It is only 11.33 mm making it a slim design. The strap fits well and has a sporty look, which is excellent.

The watch doesn’t become hot if used for long periods, for example, during extended workouts, which is pretty excellent. It has a 360 by 360 pixels resolution, which means it is clear enough. The AMOLED panel gives an ambient mode. That ensures it displays the time and when flipped the display changes.

High Performance with Excellent Battery Life

The gear s2 has an excellent battery life of up to 4 days. That means you don’t have to keep charging it. The fact that it can switch off the clock means that it saves more power. But if you want your watch always to be visible, then you can just turn off that feature. Charging is done wirelessly through a dock that has been provided. It gets a full charge within an hour, which is time-saving.

Fitness Tracking Features

On the home screen, the watch displays your step count, heart rate, and the weather. There is a vast selection of fitness features that are tied together by the Samsung app for health. It has an accelerometer that tracks your whereabouts through the day, whereas the heart-rate device takes continuous readings.

You can submerge it in 1.5m depth of water for 30 min because of An IP68 rating without any problems. That is great for your swimming exercises. The constant heart rate monitoring makes it better than other watches.


  • Nice Bright display
  • Easy use because of the rotating bezel
  • Can be used with other Operating systems


  • Costly
  • Voice search can sometimes be slow

5. Samsung Gear Sport – Best Smartwatch for Galaxy Note 9

The Samsung gear sport smartwatch represents the generation of Tizen watches. It has a great design made better by the Tizen OS. If you are an Apple user, some apps may be limited to you. Overall it is a great fitness companion and worth buying.

Great Design

The watch is 1.2 inches and has a display of 360 pixels. It comes with a gorilla glass three protection; therefore, you won’t have to worry about scratches destroying the watch. Because of the silicone material used, it is easy to wash. You just have to remove the straps. The Gear Sport is 42.9 mm x 44.6 mm in size, and its thickness is 11.6 mm. That means it is smaller in format. The top bezel material is stainless steel. The bezel that rotates makes it very easy to use. The watch is water-resistant to up to 50 m depth. That means you can go swimming without worry and even shower with it.

Fitness Tracker

Apart from the watch being smart, it also tracks your fitness. There is the gyrometer, barometer, ambient light sensor, heart rate sensor, and accelerometer. All these features are great to track your wellbeing and the amount of exercise you are doing. The watch can follow your calories, steps, floors climbed, and even distance. Swimming, running, walking, and cycling are also not forgotten.


  • Automatically detects workout
  • Stainless steel casing
  • Long battery life


  • Charging dock not portable

Final Verdict on Choosing The Best Smartwatch for Note 9

Finding a smartwatch that pairs well with your Samsung phone, whether it’s the best smartwatch for note 10 plus or the best smartwatch for galaxy note 9, is hard. But with the above article, we hope that we have made your decision easier. Ensure you buy a watch that will best fit your specifications.