Best Smartwatches for Working Out in 2022

The development of sporty smartwatches is on the rise. These smartwatches offer real benefits when it comes to working out. There are many brands on the market, but we will provide you with the ten most affordable and suitable smartwatches for working out.

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List of The 10 Best Smartwatches for Working Out

1. Best Spotify Smartwatch - Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatch

The watch was developed purposely for fitness, unlike the Gear S3. Samsung Gear Sport smartwatch serves all your fitness tracking needs and automatically recognizes when you are working out. It also has a reputable screen that makes it easy for you to review any details on the watch.


  • Display: The watch has a display of 360 * 360 resolution
  • Functionality: Water resistance, heart rate and fitness tracker, music storage, has apps like Spotify and speedo and contactless means of payment.


  • The smartwatch automatically starts working when you work out.
  • On top of that, it even counts rep for your bodyweight exercises, a feature that is not in all watches.
  • Samsung smartwatch also offers offline music support for Spotify to keep you entertained.
  • Meets all your fitness tracking needs as Samsung’s Health app powers it.


  • Apps are not enough
  • Most of its functionality is also available in the cheaper Samsung gear. However, its operations are present and have a well-managed notification system.

Verdict On Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatch

As long as you don’t mind using Samsung Health as your central hub, then this sports-centric wearable is suitable as it’s well implemented.

2. Best value - Apple Watch Series 3 for work out

This improved version of Apple smartwatch has only gotten better. It has a GPS that picks up a signal fast and a waterproof design as well as a heart rate monitor.


  • Functionality: Smartwatch has a swim tracking app, built-in GPS, fitness tracker and heart rate monitor.
  • Storage: Third-party apps, offline music playback as well as contactless payments.


  • The developers Continue to add features that enhance the existing ones through their watch OS updates.
  • It hosts third-party fitness and health apps that do not require you to carry your iPhone around.
  • Has a variety of looks, and you have the best of choosing one that amuses you.


  • Lacks a built-in sleep tracking but resolves the issue by hosting sleep tracking apps that you can use.
  • Apart from that, you need to charge it every night if you are to use it.

Verdict On Apple Watch Series 3

You will be able to get the motivation that you need to attain your fitness goals. On top of that, you will always be connected to the information and people that you care about.

3. Best Fitness Smartwatch 2019 - Fitbit Ionic

The smartwatch delivers all fitness tracking goodness. In that, it can automatically detect when you are participating in cycling and running making your work out life easy. Moreover, You can get your desired customized fitness by the use of Fitbit coach which makes it a Best fitness smartwatch 2019


  • Workout Guide: It has guided breathing exercise, a heart rate monitor and Fit bit pay, third-party apps to promote women’s health.
  • Music Storage: One can listen to music without a phone
  • Functionality: Built-in workouts as well as GPS, waterproof.


  • It is the most potent watch from Fit bit and is very comfortable.
  • You can acquire customized fitness due to the Fit bit coach that provides you with workouts. 
  • It also has a recommendable life span battery of up to 7 days, and hence you need to charge it regularly.
  • When engaging in basic workouts like weights or gym classes you rely on work out data but you also get a heart rate data to measure the intensity of those workouts.


  • It is more expensive than the Fit bit versa.

Verdict On Fit bit Ionic

The watch will enable you to reach your goals as it has effective personal coaching. On top of that its battery is long staying and will keep your track for long.

4. Best Fitbit Smartwatch - Fitbit Versa for workout

The smartwatch does not die after a day of use; it also has a stellar fitness track and has a bright display making it easy to read.


  • Functionality: Fitbit Versa has a sleep tracker,heart rate sensor, music storage, fitness tracking app, and keeps track of women’s health.
  • Battery Life: it has an impressive battery life of pto 4 days.
  • Specification: Fitbit Versa smartatch is waterproof, Fit bit pay and its bands are replaceable


  • It has a small frame making it an option for slimmer writs.
  • Has a variety of bands to choose from.
  • Can perform activities similar to the Ionic the only difference is the GPS.


  • The Fit bit versa does not have the built-in GPS.

Verdict On Fit bit Versa

It is one of the most comfortable fitness watches mostly due to the high-quality material of the case and its improved design. Fitbit Versa is a bit cheaper than the Fit bit Ionic. If you can do without the tracking difference option, then this smartwatch good looking fitness watch is a good option.

5. Best Overall - Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music Watch

The watch provides you with a lot of data to help you keep track of your project. For instance data on sleeping tracks, hence you will always know when you fall off the track. It also has dope music capabilities. So Garmin Viviactive 3 smartwatch can play music for enjoying during the work out.


  • Functionality: It has a GPS, Heart rate sensor, as well as fitness tracker and sleep tracker. So it has a multi-sports tracking app.
  • Storage: It has storage of music to entertain during workout.
  • Transaction: one can make transactions without their phone with the watch.


  • Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music smartwatch has many great sports tracking features compared to other Garmins.
  • Its multi-tracking mode offers excellent performance for most sports mode like run, golf, swim, and cycling.
  • You can also add new features like watch faces since it has the Garmin app store.


  • The smartwatch has few coaching features as well as the Garmin pay is not widespread. Hence you will be required to have a backup means for payment.

Verdict On Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music

Its design is impeccable, and the additional features are great.

6. Best Google Watch - LG Sport watch For Workout

The big sized smartwatch is smart enough to make calls with or without your phone. It also uses Google assistant and can keep up with all your gym workouts. LG watch sport also has the best features of any Google watch.


  • Functions: LG watch has a GPS, Heart rate sensor, Music storage, track fitness
  • Apps And Payments: One can make payments and download apps.


  • The LG watch stands out as one that can deliver the best experience in all sectors. 
  • Google which powers it continually improves its major fitness features.
  • You get to enjoy third-party health fitness apps that you can use.


  • The lifespan of its battery is short and lacks some essential features like the swim tracking.

Verdict On LG watch Sport

Despite its size, you will enjoy a complete experience from the LG watch. Also, its LTE and NFC features make it possible for your money or phone behind without having to worry.

7. Polar M430 Smartwatch For Work Out

It is the best option for serious runners as it has six LED heart sensors. It also provides customized training tips based on your goals as the buyer which enables you to meet your goals.


  • Functions: heart rate tracking app, manual over-ride or Auto laps, dedicated running functions, customizable training views, as well as one, can preview their running program.
  • GPS Technology: The smartwatch has a built-in GPS and is one of the best GPS running watches.
  • Workout Guide: It has a program that guides you through every step of your running training session basing their intensity and regularity. That’s why Polar M430 is best smarwatch for working out.


  • If you are a runner, you can train for a variety of events like the marathons and 5K runs.
  • During usual exercises, you can acquire a variety of statistics like the distance covered, speed and current elevation.


  • The watch requires one to have a traditional heart rate sensor which makes it less popular.
  • However, it provides more accurate readings but has a poor notification system.

Verdict On Polar M430

It’s running program, auto-laps and heart rate monitor make it highly recommendable to runners. You can also use it to track your morning or evening jobs as you will get the best data.

8. Best 4G Smart Watch - Huawei Watch 2

The smartwatch focuses on fitness and exercise. It has a generic sporty design that is accompanied by a plastic body making comfortable. On top of that, Huawei watch 2 has 4G connectivity.


  • Live MAP: Huawei Watch 2 has a live GPS mapping.
  • Functionality: Heartbeat monitor, real-time guidance, work data report, offline music.
  • Support 4G: Huawei Watch 2 support high speed 4G network.


  • The watch gives you the freedom to get connected even when away from your phone.
  • It has a professional running coach feature that motivates you as the user during your workout.
  • It also has a Google assistant that enables you to get things done especially when you have your hands full.
  • Its NFC support lets you make secure payments.


  • The watch has a small display and has inaccurate fitness sensors with no rotating crown.

Verdict On Huawei Watch 2

With Huawei watch two you can be able to access the various app and do not need to carry your phone with you during your work out session.

9. best budget smartwatch 2019 - Suunto 3 Watch

It is one of the cheaper smartwatches that has a lot to offer in terms of features related to fitness. The circular watch face is robust, elegant and keeps you updated throughout the week. It is used in a variety of sports like swimming, hiking, cycling, and running among others. In which it takes speed, distance, and tracks your sleep. Hence it’s a buy watch.


  • Functionality: The smartwatch has a heart rate sensory, activity tracking, Bluetooth connectivity, intensity levels and training, fitness levels, instant HR, sleep tracking, swim tracking.
  • Training Guide: You only need to input your fitness training history and level, and it automatically creates a week’s training plan. In instances when you miss your workout session, the watch automatically adjusts to fit your schedule.


  • An option to record an exercise.
  • It’s adaptive training guidance acts as a personal trainer and keeps you moving.


  • The watch has an interface and an array of buttons that makes it difficult to navigate through it.

Verdict On Suunto 3

Suunto developed a watch of high quality meant to compete with more prominent name brands. If you often miss your work out this watch is the best as it will enable you to get right on track.

10. Best GPS Running Smartwatch - Garmin Fenix 5X watch

Despite its large size it always delivers in terms of functions. It has an improved screen resolution. On top of that, it has applications that cover a variety of sports like skiing, snowboarding, golf, running, cycling and swimming making it impressive.


  • Functionality: Heart rate sensor, Barometer, and Altimeter, Ultra-Track battery save mode, music control, camera remote, waterproof and stroke identifications.
  • GPS: Garmin Fenix 5X watch has built-in GPS, It enables you to view lakes, roads, mountains, and trails. Also, you can search for local points like gas stations, stores, and restaurants. GPS mapping is excellent which makes it a Best GPS Running Smartwatch.


  • It has a vide storage of 12 GB.
  • It stands out because of its navigation capabilities highlighted by the GPS mapping.
  • When you are out hiking, biking, running you will never need to worry about getting lost. On top of that its battery has a long lasting life span. It is made for the outdoors.


  • The battery life is still not desirable as people want a battery that can last for more than 24 hours when the GPS mode is on.

Verdict On Garmin Fenix 5X

It is designed for individuals who love the outdoors and has the most accurate mapping to date.

Final Verdict on Choosing The Best Fitness Smartwatches for Working Out

A workout smartwatch is one of the best inventions. It assists in keeping track of your heart rate as well as identifies your strong and weak areas to be able to come with a strategy. You can get one of these affordable watches as you won’t be disappointed based on your needs and planned budget.