Best Smartwatches with Heart Rate Monitor 2022

The human body is astoundingly intricate with staggering systems that seem to function independently from our consciousness which makes it a true masterpiece. You don’t control your body, but it controls you which lead to the question of what controls your body?. You are a formation of trillions of cells, but the incredible thing is that every cell inside you always keeps time, in fact, every organ in your body has thousands of internal biological clocks. These clocks run your life; they control your entire body metabolism, which is why at night nearly everybody in the planet has to go to sleep.

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Timekeeping is obviously important to your body but why should you care about time if you will have it all your life?. The only separation between you and your goal whether your long term life goal or your daily short term goal is how well you use and keep time. It is easy to know if you save time or not but how do you know that you’re using your limited time to your maximum advantage?. You only know you’re using your time well when you learn, achieve and produce more in the shortest time possible, this is why you probably have heard that time is money. Owning a smartwatch is the easiest and the best way of keeping time, learning more, achieving more and maintaining you productive so that you are assured that you are using the time to your advantage. It is impossible, but if you own a smartwatch, you get the lead of monitoring these vital systems and organs such as your body temperature and heart rate.

The main reason we want to do more with our time is that we want to enjoy life more. We all wish the best of what life has to offer and nonstop connection to our loved ones that we enjoy life with. While having a regular watch that just tells the time and if you’re lucky the date, you are certainly not enjoying life’s finest, and you don’t stand out like you would with a smartwatch. Smartwatches provide you far more information and data that give you an edge compared to the one with just a regular watch. Smart watches will keep you updated, store your personal data, make you look sophisticated and most importantly ensures the link between you and your phone is never broken that means you will always be connected to your loved ones and present to deal with any emergency.

When shopping for the best smartwatches you should consider the overall quality of the manufacturing material which should be skin friendly, the durability of the watch, the overall look of the watch to make sure it’s compatible with a variety of your outfits, its features and how much data it can collect and store. We make sure that our products meet even the highest of standards without breaking the bank, you will be sure to find your unique tastes from our different varieties.

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List of The Best Smartwatches with Heart Rate Monitor

1. Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung galaxy watch developed by Samsung Electronics prides itself in bringing you the features of a smartwatch with the natural feel of an analog watch. It’s one of the most recent additions to the Samsung gear family.


Out of the box, its large display with circular OLED panel with amazing crisp colors stands out. On top of the large display is a rotating bezel with a snapping click action which makes navigation an easy and fun process. It’s mostly metal at the same time very lightweight.


Its big size comes with a big battery which makes the galaxy watch the best you can find in battery life with an approximate battery life of up to 4 days with aggressive usage. Its water resistance capability is mind-blowing withstanding up to 50 meters under both fresh and salty water which is hard to say of other watches since almost all of them can only go to 1 meter so far. Its maintenance is simple and easy; you don’t need any tool if you want to change the straps, which is mainly customizable. Unlike most smartwatches with the galaxy watch charging is simple just set it down on a wireless charging dock. If you hate to tap the screen every time you want o to check the time, you don’t have to worry with the galaxy; you can set it to remain on all the time.

The metal frame and overall built material ensure the durability of the watch as it can resist a considerable amount of drops and knocks and still remain undamaged. Your callers will not tell the difference if you’re on the phone or the watch, its speaker and microphone quality is even better than most phones in terms of wind noise cancellation. Lastly but defiantly not least is that the Galaxy watch is not just compatible with Samsung phones but a vast variety of phones from blackberry to the iPhone.


The primary timer and stopwatch don’t come pre-loaded as you would expect, you are going to have to download it from the app store. It takes somewhat a long time to go from dead to fully charged, not less than 2 hrs. MST support is not included in this device so when using the Samsung pay you have to settle with the tap to pay version. It includes Samsung health although it is perfect for just a casual tracker it’s not ideal for fitness enthusiasts who really keep track of their fitness levels.

If you’re the type that likes a lot of apps with updated ecosystem on a smartwatch there certainly better options than the Galaxy watch, its Tizen ecosystem is behind compared to what you might get with other smartwatches. If built quality is your main priority then you should consider buying the Samsung Galaxy smartwatch, it’s scratch resistant, skin friendly and tough manufacture materials will make sure it looks new and last longer.

2. DR.Viva Sports Watch

Made by a company previously known a as iwonfit but rebranded to Dr.Viva. Its more fitness oriented that means it stores and synchronizes a lot of your fitness data. The main concern for the design of this watch is to bring you all the functions that you will need in a smartwatch with the added benefit of a low price.


Out the box what meets the eye is its sophisticated look which enables you to wear it in other situations like business apart from the original sports environment. The moment you pick it up you will feel its skin-friendly smooth wrist bands that makes it comfortable to wear the whole day. The buttons on the sides are large and easy to press. It also features accurate GPS positioning.


Dr.Viva sports watch comes packed with different mode settings from sleep mode to flashlight mode which means you can use it as a flashlight. It’s easy to connect to the phone via Bluetooth compared to other budget smart watches which sometimes fail to connect to your phone. No need to touch the screen to turn it on as it comes with a motion sensor that turns it on whenever you flick your hand. Its bands which by the way can be changed to suit your unique taste are easy to remove no tools required.

Although it’s a sports watch you get the benefit of receiving notifications and messages from your friends. It is waterproof which makes it perfect for swimming. You are sure to get 24-hour heart rate monitor which is awesome for a budget smartwatch. The most impressive part is its battery life which can last you up to 4 days on active use.


The small screen makes it hard when operating and navigating its applications. It’s also kind of slow not frustratingly slow but some more .it’s got accurate GPS positioning but you can’t track your loved ones with it. The bands are easy to remove, but it’s a hustle to put them back on. Overall built quality is good but not that good either you might need to replace the bands once in a while.

Dr.Viva sports watch genuinely lives to its promise of providing you with all the features of a smartwatch at a low price. If you want a budget smart watch mainly for fitness then its a great choice but if you want a product that you can use every day and last longer then you might want to look at other options.

3. Ticwatch E Smart watch

Ticwatch E is an android ware smart watch manufactured by Mumford. The initial launch was on Kickstarter with over 19000 backers. It is very similar to the S model with the only difference being the location of the GPS tracker.


At first glance, you’ll see its 4.1 inches led impressive display. It includes 4 gigabytes of storage on the watch. It comes with easily removable silicone bands. Google assistant comes already installed in the watch. It’s available in three colors, white, green and black. Out of the box, it comes with pre-included watch faces, but more can be downloaded from the Google app store. It includes a fitness tracking app and a heart rate monitor app.


The tick watch definitely has a fresh look to it that makes it look more expensive than its actual price. It is lightweight so you can comfortably wear it all day. It is full flagged android ware that means you get access to lots of applications. The straps are soft and don’t attract dust.


The heart rate monitor on the device is not automatically on as you would expect you are going to have to open the app on the watch to monitor your heart rate. It comes with a proprietary magnetic charger which doesn’t firmly attach to the watch and can easily be disconnected when charging. The battery life is not that great, will last you only about 24 hours on a full charge so going to have to charge it overnight every day.

The Tickwatch E is an excellent option for a person that’s buying a smartwatch and wants to get the feel of what a smartwatch can do without spending much money with the first purchase. If you’re planning on an all rounded smartwatch, there is certainly more than enough watches that might suit your needs better.

4. Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch

The Fitbit Blaze is designed to compete with the best in the smart watch market at a fraction of their price.


Eyes on, the Fitbit Blaze defiantly looks classy with its large, colored touch screen. A range of removable straps is available from metal to leather straps to suit every environment and your unique fashion taste. You will be able to track your sleep patterns, monitor your heart rate with its heart rate sensor. It will effectively collect your fitness level data and automatically sync it to your phone.


The big touch screen allows you to scroll and preview all your notifications and messages a feature that you will not get with other budget smartwatches. The display screen displays not just the time but also your activity such as your step count and heart rate on the home screen for quick access. It has one of the best battery life coupled with the benefit of fast charging, only takes about an hour to charge fully. With it, you’ll get the fit star selection than makes to arrange of workouts available and even guides you through the workouts.


The device doesn’t have sound alarm; it only vibrates when the alarm is on. The initial set up process takes time. There is no speaker or microphone built into it so you cannot receive calls on this device. It is difficult to reattach straps after removing it. To charge you have to pop out the module from the frame which is a hustle and increase the chance of you breaking or dropping it.

The Fitbit Blaze is an amazing starter smartwatch that is highly customizable to suit your style. It’s an excellent choice for someone looking for a budget smart watch that has most of the features of a more expensive smartwatch. Although it’s a great piece of equipment at a very affordable price, it will not serve you in the long run as it is highly to prone to scratch and break.

5. AmaizFit Bip Smart Watch

Engineered by Huami; the largest wearable device company in the world, to effortlessly tract activity without compromising on style. While most smart watches are more form over functionality oriented the AmazFit Bip is more function over form oriented. Although being thinner than other smartwatches in the market it go a lot to offer considering its low price.


First glance you notice its square frame with a display that is constantly on. The combination of its square frame with its silicon straps makes it very comfortable with great fit especially if you have a small wrist. It has gorilla glass which protects it from knocks and scratches. It has almost all the sensors require in a smartwatch including GPS and heart rate monitor. It can display all notifications including incoming calls.


The most astonishing feature is its battery life, it will last you up to 45 days with its 190 mAh battery on a single charge which makes it the best in the world in terms of battery life. Waterproof with the ip68 rating so you can use it to go swimming. You can easily track your sleep quality from its combination of sleep track capability and outstanding comfort.


The device vibrates twice forever notification on your phone so dealing with notification can be unbearable if you have a lot of notifications. Taping the screen to unlock is the easiest way, but unfortunately, with the AmaizFit Bip, you have to push a button. You have to use an app to set the alarm as it is impossible to set it directly on the watch.

This is a great product for anybody looking for a budget smart watch with amazing value. You should defiantly buy this one if you are on a budget.

6. Huawei Fit Smart Fitness Watch

Huawei Fit watch is all in one sport watch that can be used in other environments such as business due to is an elegant design. You will certainly not go out of style with this device no matter the situation in which you wear it.


What is immediately noticeable with this watch is that has no buttons; navigation is entirely on swipe action which is fine since its screen is very sensitive and easy to use. It connects to both Android and iOS via Bluetooth. The display comes with an auto backlight that can be used fairly well in sunlight. You can flick your wrist to navigate through applications. It comes with a high-quality rubber sport bands that are very comfortable and removable. Collects fitness and lifestyle data such as steps, sleep patterns, heart rate every 10 minutes.


Its thin design ensures that it doesn’t take up much space on your wrist. It is incredibly lightweight; you can wear it all day. The battery life is good with up to 6days of usage on a single charge.


It tends to glare a lot. You can only choose from 6 watch faces. Although it will show notifications, you can’t respond to these notifications via the watch, it’s read-only. It has no GPS so you’re still going to need your phone around you to collect accurate data.

The Huawei Fit is excellent if you’re looking for a wearable for everyday fitness and overall decent watch to wear because of its stylish looks.

7. Withings/Nokia Steel HR

Nokia Steel HR was the foremost smartwatch of the Nokia brand featuring the Nokia health mate application until the company sold back the health division to Withings. It is a hybrid watch.


What are new with these devices in terms of appearance are the two circular OLED screens on the watch face? It comes with a 36 millimeter and 40-millimeter watch cases. It tracks arrange of activity and fitness including sleep patterns, swims and has a heart rate monitor. It defiantly has a sophisticated look that looks very high-end.


The OLED screens display sharp and bright text which makes it easy to read notifications. It has a perfect battery life of up to 6 weeks on a single charge. Overall appearance is really good due to its slick design.


There is no GPS on the device. It is not possible for contactless payments on this device.

Nokia Steel HR is the go-to watch if you’re looking for a budget smartwatch with an analog feel with dominating style.

8. Diggro K88H Smart Watch

Diggro K88H SmartWatch is designed to be price competitive with the general functions of a smartwatch.


It features an LCD screen with 240 by 40 resolution. It has remote camera capability. It is compatible with both Android and IOS. It comes with built-in sensors to check your fitness activity and a heart rate monitor. It has a built-in Google assistant.


It is compatible with any Bluetooth phone. It is ultra light which makes it comfortable to wear. The big screen makes it easier to read data.


The battery life is short will only the last 1day of use when fully charged. Limited clock faces. No text message control and you cannot respond to notifications.

Although the Diggro K88H meets the requirements of a starter watch, it is not build to withstand harsh treatment and doesn’t feel like it would last longer. If you want a smartwatch that you’re not afraid of losing or damaging it’s a great option but if you want a budget smart watch is a good built quality there better options to choose from. It can be a great gift for kids.

9. luckyruby NO.1 F6 smart watch

It is engineered by NO.1 a Chinese smart watchmaker. Designed to be durable and affordable with most features of a high-end smartphone.


It has the capability of tracking a range of fitness that includes a pedometer and a heart rate monitor. It is ip68 waterproof rated, so it is perfect for swimming. It brings with it a magnetic charger with a 350 mAh battery. It includes remote camera control.


It is very tough and durable. Its silicon straps make it a great comfortable fit. It has a perfect battery life of up to 120 days. It has a large OLED screen.


It has limited watch faces. The display is very dim in sunlight it can be too bulky especially if you have a small wrist. The display only works in one color.

The NO1 F6 is one of the few watches that sacrifice form for the function that means it is not appealing in terms of looks but is great for sports enthusiasts that are all about collecting fitness data overlooks.

10. Microwear H1 Smart Watch

The Microwear H1 is considered to be the company flagship which was developed in a period of 2 years.


It features a stainless steel case with silicone straps. It has a sim slot. It comes with a 1.39-inch round display with super AMOLED resolution. It includes a pedometer, heart rate monitor and a built-in compass.


It has ip68 waterproof rating so you can use it to go swimming. It has GPS navigation. It comes with Google play store pre-installed.


Limited watch faces. You can only read notifications and messages but you can’t respond. The camera is not great. Battery life is not impressive.

Considering the value of the Microwear H1 is obviously a great option if you are looking for a smartwatch that has all the built-in features and quality of a more expensive smartwatch at a very affordable price.

Final Verdict on Choosing The Best Smartwatch with Heart Rate Monitor

If you’re searching for the best budget smartwatch, you’re most properly looking for the AmaizFit Bip smart watch. It is very cheap and gives the most value compared to other budget smartwatches so be sure to check that one out.

We both know how valuable time is to you, it’s very important its literary part of your DNA. That is why choosing the right product is central to ensure you don’t waste the two most valuable assets to you, your time and money by having to buy new products every time or very expensive ones that hurt your pocket. When shopping for the best budget smartwatch you should look for a product that suits both forms which means it should look and make you look even better and functionality which means it should do a lot for you. You also need to ensure that you buy from the right sellers to ensure you get products that fit their description. If you don’t buy from the best, it might mean you’re not getting life’s finest. Please place your order on our products and taste supremacy.