Do Nurses Wear Watches? The Perfect Watch for Nurse

More often than not, nurses wear watches. A nurses’ watch is designed specifically for nurses and is therefore equipped with functions and features that will come to any nurses’ aid. Nurses’ watches commonly go by the name fob watches. These timepieces can clip to the uniform, with an upside-down dial.

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These fob watches are used by the nurses because, unlike wristwatches, the operation is hands-free. You are less likely to pick up bacteria and viruses. Fob watches do not come in contact with many surfaces or people. With an upside-down dial, also, as the wearer, you can quickly tell the time without having to touch it. They help in a wide range of applications and procedures that fill most of the nurses’ schedules.

Why Do Nurses Wear Watches?

To nurses and other medical practitioners, watches do more than just tell the time. They are crucial to carrying out work-related activities on a daily. For one, nurses use the watches to track as well as record a patient’s vitals.

The medical watches specially designed for this purpose and, are equipped with the required mechanism to track various vitals such as body temperature, apical pulse rates, and breathing rates. They ensure accurate recordings and their time-tracking is precise to help nurses and doctors evaluate better the patient’s condition.

Moreover, nurses wear watches to administer medication. The watches come in handy to ensure medication is delivered at the right time. Some of the watches are equipped with an alarm feature to notify the nurses when its time. The medicine must be administered at the correct time intervals, lest a patient’s condition deteriorates.

Another reason why nurses wear watches is for lab charting and documentation. The watches tell accurate time hence accurate records and data of assessments, tests, and treatments. Correct records will help the doctors assess a patient’s conditions and work accordingly. They make sure a patient’s development is noted accurately for optimal treatment.

It is, thus essential that nurses wear watches at their workplace. They offer help as well as the convenience they need for their daily duties.

What side do Nurses wear their watches?

On regular occasions, wristwatches are worn on the non-dominant hand. That is because, more often than not, the dominant hand is doing something. Also, generally, most wristwatches are designed to wear on the left side.

For nurses, mostly, they wear the watches on the left hand, as the right side may be taking a pulse or such work. It is easier for them to check the time, rather than raising their occupied right hand. Most of the watches are designed with the crown and stem on the right side for a comfortable setting of time, date, and day.

Moreover, some of the watches’ functions, such as heart tracking devices, Fitbit, and pulse taking, work optimally when on the non-dominant arm. Watches worn on the dominant hand are more susceptible to damage by being hit, smacked, or struck and eventually break the band or crack the crystal. But where you wear your watch is all up to you. As for the nurses, it is advised to wear on the left hand.

Can Nurses wear Apple Watches?

Yes, of course – nurses can wear Apple watches. Apple watches for nurses come well-equipped with multiple functions that come in handy to assist them in carrying out most of their activities, besides telling time. Apple watches are not explicitly designed for nurses, but they do offer essential services to them. In particular, Apple watches can be operated hands-free, and this function stands them in good favor.

Apple watches are being upgraded to make them well suited for a wide range of applications. For instance, Series 3 is designed with Wi-Fi, GPS, and cellular connectivity so the nurses can connect with others and, at the same time, take pulses. The series 4 version, features an always-on Siri function to give the nurses great assistance as they can make calls, or launch apps without touching the watch.

So, yes, nurses can wear Apple watches. They are full-featured and offer functionality and convenience at their prime. These versatile watches are convenient to perform a lot of tasks for the nurses.

Is an Apple Watch good for a Nurse?

Watches are a necessary and essential part of any nurse’s daily activities. She uses those to perform a wide range of tasks such as setting reminders, taking pulses, and so on. But, some of the critical information can only be looked up with the help of cell phones. But the Apple watches can accomplish all these and more.

Apple watches are suitable for everyone. Their ability to be operated hands-free, in particular, makes them well suited for nurses’ use as well. These watches feature numerous functions that come to many nurses’ aid, such as heart tracking functions, bright display, and many more.

There are, however, some drawbacks when it comes to Apple watches for nursing. These watches are limited to iPhones. So if you do not have one, you will not enjoy some of the functions. Another disadvantage is that some of the apps may function differently on the watch than on the phone.

Another thing, not all the apps will be compatible with the smartwatch. That is mostly because of the smaller screen space. Otherwise, Apple watches are suitable for nurses, as they are to everyone else.

Why Do Nurses wear Fob Watches?

Fob watches, also known as fob watches, are shared among the nurses. These are specially designed for them. They can attach to their uniform or clothing using a brooch, clip, or magnet.

The dial is generally upside down so that only the wearer of the watch can tell the time. These watches are recommended for nurses, mainly because of hygiene. Unlike the wristwatches, these do not come in contact with many surfaces and hence are less likely to pick up viruses and bacteria.

Timex Nurses Fob Watch

Timex nurses fob watch is highly recommended. These feature a night light that comes in handy during low light situations. The crystal lens is made of hard mineral, which is scratch-resistant for long-lasting use. It has a round brass case, and an analog display. This watch is designed with durable stainless steel and is fitted with a pivot lock. It is also water-resistant for enhanced functionality.

Lapel Watch

Lapel watch has an easy-to-read display with a glow pointer for use in the dark. It is made of premium quality quartz. It is also easy to carry with lightweight silicon rubber and security pin for attachment. This watch is easy to sterilize with the detachable dial. It features waterproof qualities as well.

Scrub Watch

Scrub watch, colorful watches are very reliable. They have a large dial for easy reading. Also, the silicone band is soft and comfortable. These come with a plastic lens and case, thus enhanced durability. What’s more, the glass is scratch-resistant as well. The dial has both 12-hour and 24-hour markings. They are also great for the price.

What Type of Watch is Best for Nurses?

The highest-ranked watch for nurses in the market is the Speidel Scrub Glow watch. That is not only cost-effective but also very functional. It is designed to meet many of the nurses’ needs. The dial has the red and black marks to tell the time quickly. You can use this watch in low lighting conditions as well. That is made possible by the luminous hour and minute hands. Also, the dial glows when you push a button. Instead of this type of watch, You can also get the best smartwatches for nurses.

The distinctive red second hand comes in handy when tracking pulses. Also, because nurses wash their hands often, the case has the water-resistant qualities. The silicone band is super-soft, comfortable, and lightweight. They come in a wide range of colors for you to choose from.