Do Smart Watches Need a Sim Card?

It is interesting to know how your smartwatch will work for you. The world is developing, and so lives are made more straightforward. For instance, you can use your smartwatch for surveillance purposes. You do not need to carry a big camera to cover an event on a video phone. At the same time, you do not need to be removing your phone from the pocket to read your messages, especially if you do not even know who is sending you the messages. From your smartwatch, which should be connected to the phone, will give you notifications on the update of your phone. The question that comes in is whether you need a sim card on the smartwatch or not. There are some which require a sim card while others do not.

What is a Sim Card?

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A Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card is a tiny chip that is used in any communication device like the phone, computer, or a smartwatch to enhance communication. It contains unique identification details of a mobile network. It is the identification in the card that allows you the authority as a subscriber to use the given device. There cannot be any communication without a sim card. Some phones will not make calls or even send messages without a sim card.

This is this sim card that gives you an authority as the smartwatch user to connect to your respondents. For any smartwatch which is designed for communication, there must be a sim card. The difference is now on how the sim card is connected to the watch. Some watches use an eSIM while others use a hard chip sim card, which is, however, not connected to it directly. The point to note here is that there must be a sim card, whether linked directly or not, for you to go beyond using your watch for checking time for other purposes like making calls.

Smartwatches Which Need Sim Cards Directly

Just as said before, some smartwatches need a sim card. Most of the new brands of smartwatches like the LG Watch Urbane 2 and the Tinitell use eSIM cards. They are meant to enhance communication, internet search, and other functions without having to be connected to an external phone. They have their sim cards and so can work independently. They are mostly used by parents to enhance parent-child communication since they are not complicated to operate. You can use your watch to call a recipient who is just using a general phone. The receiver has not to have a smartwatch for the communication to go through. What matters is the sim card availability.

Smartwatches That Do Not Need Sim Cards Directly

If the smartwatch has to enhance communication, whether in the form of phone calls and internet search or just for sending messages, there has to be a sim card. Therefore, any device without a sim card cannot be used for communication unless connected to another external device with a sim card. Thus, as much as you are not to connect the sim card to your smartwatch, the smartwatch must be connected to an external phone through Bluetooth, or any other connection devises like Wifi. Without such a link, the smartwatch will merely be left for time indication and no more communication enhancement.


If your smartwatch has to do other things beyond just the typical time indication, there has to be a sim card. There cannot be any communication without a sim card, regardless of the type you have. Like you would not make specific calls with your phone without a sim card, the same you cannot achieve with your smartwatch without a sim card. It does not matter where the sim card is placed. What matters is that it is in place connected to the watch. Therefore, when buying a smartwatch, you should get to know how it works even before you buy it. You must confirm if it uses the eSIM, or it must be connected to an external phone. If it is to be connected to an external phone, then you must confirm if it is compatible with your phone. Such clarifications cannot allow you to go astray.