iTouch Air Smartwatch Review

ITouch smartwatch is one of the best wearables in the market. It is an innovative portable gadget that has plenty of features meant to improve the quality of life of its users. The product has multipurpose use, such as tracking of calories, distance, steps, as well as sleep and other health metrics. In this article, we will discuss features, pros and cons. of different models of iTouch air smartwatch review in detail.

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This is a user-friendly gadget product designed to monitor your overall health without hassles. If you want to keep fit and you want an app that can assist you to achieve that aim, then you have to consider this wonderful product.

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It is perfect for any kind of workout activity you want to undertake. When it comes to performance, this wearable is the most versatile smart device out there. The model comes with an inbuilt system that can easily remind you of those essentials.

You can use this device for calls, SMS messages, as well as reminding of important events or programs. It features a camera, as well as music functionalities. From the features, it is apparent that is meant for the pleasure of the user.

The iTouch app plays a critical role in the control of the watch. It is possible to connect the app to the smartwatch. This is possible because of the compatibility with the android and iOS operating systems.

We tested different iTouch smartwatches and have written detailed reviews on it. Here are Top five iTouch smartwatches reviewed by us. Let’s see that! 

iTouch Air Smartwatch Reviews

1. iTouch Air SmartWatch Review

The iTouch Air Smartwatch is elegant and looks very attractive. It is available in different colors. Apart from that, it has the most innovative features which you can hardly find in any other similar devices out there.

This product is a comprehensive gadget that is designed to accomplish a lot of things for you. It is compatible with different operating systems particularly with android and iOS operated devices. You can use this to achieve a lot of things. It is very useful for monitoring your health. This is perfect for fitness. If you are conscious of your health or you are engaged in sports and you need a device you can take along with you, consider this product as a great companion.

This is a multipurpose device as it is not meant just for only one activity; it is adaptable for different kinds of activities you want to undertake.

You are going to derive most of the benefits when you use it with your app. When you connect your app to the iTouch smartwatch, you can do a lot more with it. If your apple or android operating systems are compatible with them and you can connect them in real life to achieve most of your objectives.

It comes with an internal reminder that can alert you when a specific purpose or activity is around the corner. Besides, you can use that to make calls as well as receive calls. You can equally use it to send messages. The system comes with a camera, which means that you can snap pictures of events around you. When it comes to music streaming, it can stream music for you. If you use this product, there would be no more moments, the system is designed to keep you happy. It is certain from the features above that this is beyond the traditional watch.


  • It can track your daily steps
  • You can use this to set your daily goals
  • Tracks distance traveled
  • Monitor and track burnt calories as well as your heart rate and other health indices


  • It is a multipurpose device.
  • This is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems.
  • It can monitor the weather.
  • It can monitor your health metrics such as heart rate and so on.


  • This lacks GPS functionality.

2. iTouch Sport Smartwatch Review

It is high time you take your fitness level to the highest standard. You can simply do that through the iTouch Sport Smartwatch. This device is more than a watch, as you can do there are different things with the device. Although it is a wearable, it compares with a computer, because it makes it easy to carry out several activities. Apart from the fact that it can play the role of the traditional watch, you can use this for more advanced activities.

With this device, you are going to track your health conditions, monitor your steps as well as have access from smartphone notifications and so on. Besides, you are going to use this to stream music. Most importantly, it features a micro USB rechargeable battery and that also makes the smartwatch impressive to use. This is a product you must own because of technological advances.

There are lots of benefits you can derive from this and the best of them is that you can comfortably track your health goals. it is equipped with everything you need such as a calorie tracker, automatic sleep monitor and so on.


  • The smartwatch comes with a calendar as well as the date. Moreover, it uses the most durable battery that can serve you for 30 days of standby.
  • It is very easy and simple to use and a lot of credit goes to the touchscreen design. The sound is great and you will like the quality of music streamed from the system.
  • Furthermore, the device can be used for different kinds of notifications which include text messages, phone calls, and most importantly social media.
  • Besides you can set and receive daily alerts. It is GPS compatible and can monitor your heart rate, calorie counter, sleep tracking as well as temperature display and pedometer.


  • It has multipurpose use
  • It is designed from the finest raw materials and that is why it can serve you for a long time.
  • The device comes with the most impressive battery which can standby for 30 days
  • You can perform almost all the phone functions


  • Some users complain that it is large especially some female users

3. iTouch Air Special Edition Review

This is one of the best smartwatch editions by apple. It is called the special edition because of the wonderful features. This can serve different functions. Apart from serving the traditional watch role, this is integrated with other features, especially health-related features. This device is one of the best because of the features. It is complete with a calorie counter, heart rate monitor. The design is to take your lifestyle to the highest level.

This product is also compatible with other wearables from apple and those from Google play. The app can assist you to track your calories, your steps as well as the distance you covered. If you are having health issues, this model is going to assist you to maintain radiant health. Because it can monitor your sleep, as well as blood oxygen and the heart rate. It comes along with eight sport modes; this implies that it is going to suit your routine.

Perhaps the greatest attribute of the product is that it can combine traditional phone features with that of watch features at the same time. This can work with camera remote, music player, messaging system and so on.

The product is equally durable as it features a solid silicone strap. It is sleek, and this comes with everything that you need.


  • It is simple and easy to use. This device assists you to track your calories, steps as well as the distance you have covered.
  • The product can monitor your health very well because it can measure your blood oxygen level, heart rate, as well as sleep and it, is simple to use.
  • This product is durable as it is scratch and water-resistant. The product is also dust resistant.
  • Most importantly, this product is going to serve you for a very long time.


  • Better looking
  • More functionality
  • Great quality
  • Relatively affordable


  • Messaging option is an alert system and not sound

4. iTouch Curve Smartwatch Review

Users looking for this kind of product consider certain things to make the best choice. The first thing to consider is the feature and appearance. The smartwatch looks every inch modern. When it comes to features, it has multifunctional features. It can perform different purposes at once. There is no doubt that this product is uniquely made to enhance your lifestyle.

It is sleek and portable. When you wear this, you can hardly feel the weight. You can use it everywhere you want whether in the office, home, gym, and other purposes. The watch is available in multiple colors, and that means that you can simply choose anyone that works for you. This is a high-end smartwatch as you can see from the fantastic features.

Another thing that makes the smartwatch outstanding is its versatility. If you are looking for the modern and the most functional smartwatch, you can always choose the iTouch curve smartwatch. It is not just a watch; you can use it for different purposes. You can use it for daily wear and other purposes.

Apart from the fact that the model is versatile, it lets you connect with your family members as well as your friends. You will be receiving incoming notifications such as text messages, calls as well as messages from social media platform. Plus, you can use this device to control some of the devices in the home. It is a question of applying the user-friendly button.


  • It is highly multifunctional. You can use it for different purposes at a time. It can serve as a phone, phonebook, clock, messaging, dialer, pedometer as well as music and other features.
  • The product is such that you personalize it to suit your lifestyle. This is possible for the various straps and case colors. This means that you can make a choice.
  • Most importantly, this product is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems. Though it is a wristwatch, it can serve most of the phone functions.
  • When it comes to quality, this is one of the best in the market. It is durable, comfortable to use and compactly designed.



  • The charge does not last

5. Can you text on the iTouch Air

One of the features of iTouch air is the compatibility with Android and iOS systems. It can perform most of the phone features and one of the features it performs is messaging. This means that if you use this device, you can easily do most of the things you do with your phone which include making a call, texting and other notifications. The answer to the above question is that it is possible to use this device to text messages. More than text messages, you can use it for other purposes like making calls and other health metrics.

6. How long does iTouch watch battery last?

The longevity of any battery depends on two things. The first is the type of materials that are used to make the battery. Secondly, the other factor that determines the extent it can last is the frequency of use. Usually, this kind of battery is designed to last for 12 to 18 hours when it is fully charged. If you are looking for a battery that can last for a whole day, this product cannot do that. It can serve for up to 20 hours but that as said earlier depends on how you use the battery. This depends on the number of applications that are running at a time.

7. Is the iTouch smartwatch compatible with iPhone?

Perhaps the greatest feature of this product is its compatibility. It is compatible with android and iOS operating systems. By extension, it means that it is compatible with the iPhone. It is a question getting to the apple store and download the app and ensure that you connect the phone. There are different ways of connecting to the smartwatch, and Bluetooth could be one of them. The fact is that it is compatible with the iPhone and most other apple store products. You can track your activities and monitor the things you are doing. This is a multipurpose device.

Final Verdict on iTouch Air SmartWatch Review

These are the best iTouch air smartwatches in the market today. They have great features. These products perform multifunctional activities. It is not just a watch, it can perform the functions of the watch, phone as well as activity tracker at the same time.