Can Smartwatches play Music?

Smartwatches are a lot more than the wrist gadgets for sending phone notifications. They’re all-rounded, offering a little bit of everything — whether it’s a fitness tracker, wallet, or complete phone. However, one questions remain:

Can you listen to Music from one?

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Of course yes. There exists quite a good number of smartwatch models that can play music while connected to either a Bluetooth headphone or speaker. Some of these smartwatches do feature built-in speakers — but as far as that goes, the speakers are mainly designed for voice calling, not playing music as it’s widely assumed.

Can Smart Watches Play Music Without Being Connected to a Phone?

The answer is yes. There exists a number of smartwatches that can actually play music directly without being connected to a smartphone as it’s always been the case. An excellent example of such a smartwatch is the Apple Watch series 3 and all of its forerunners.
What’s to be however noted is that it’s NOT possible to play music directly from them without a Bluetooth headphone or speaker.
More interesting is that some of these smartwatches do feature a WiFi connection that you can use to connect the device online and start streaming music directly through the device.

Whether it’s on the Apple Music App, Spotify or any other music streaming device you know, these smartwatches allow you to install the music app just like you would on a smartphone and start streaming music directly through them.

As for others, there’s the option to sync the music on your smartphone directly to the device and start blasting music from it. Not to mention, a good number of them have some internal storage that you can use to load music in them and play afterward directly.

Do some of these Smartwatches allow you to listen to podcasts from them?

Yes, again. However, only with the newest models on the market, like the Apple Watch Series 3. For your smartwatch to be able to stream a podcast, then it should be running on watch OS5 or a newer version. Some smartwatches will also demand that you sync the podcasts with your smartphone to be able to watch them directly from your smartwatch.

Is there a smartwatch that can play music without being connected to a headphone or speaker?

The technology behind smartphones isn’t advanced to a level that can allow you to play music directly from the device without being connected to a Bluetooth headphone or speaker — NOT in the quality, you can enjoy music. So in a way, with the current models on the market, it’s still NOT possible to blast music directly from your smartwatch without a headphone or speaker.

Of course, some of these smartwatches feature built-in speakers. However, that’s strictly reserved for voice calling and your interaction with Siri if it’s an Apple watch and that’s pretty much like it. But as it stands, a good chunk of the smartwatches you’re likely to find on the market only act as a music playback as far as music goes.

Managing Music on a Smartwatch

Smartwatches make it a cinch to manage your playlist. Imagine being able to control what’s blasting in your headphone or speaker from your wrist. Regardless of what corner of the room you are, smartwatches make it possible to determine what you want to listen to instead of listening to the playlist roll at random.

For instance, it’s possible to go back to the previous song, hit the next one on your playlist or even pause and resume a song directly from the watch.

Controlling Music Volume

Again, it’s possible to control the volume of the music you’re playing via your smartwatch. All this can be managed through the watch’s sound settings.

Saving Songs to Your Android Smartwatch

Google Play Music app allows you to both stores and plays your music directly from your smartwatch. Just in case the smartwatch you purchased doesn’t feature the app, you have the option to head to Google Play Store and download the app and store it to your smartwatch.

Once you’re done installing the app, you can go ahead and log into your Google account to allow the playlist you’ve created on phone or web to also show on your smartwatch.
Read this bearing in mind that you also have the option to make a specific playlist for your smartwatch directly from the web application, which even makes it a lot easier.