Michael Kors Smartwatch vs Apple Watch

The only constant thing with this changing world is the race to get better and faster in the shortest time possible. How you adapt to these changes is crucial. To make sure you stay ahead you need better and faster devices that make it easier for you to get, retain and send information. The old analog watch has been replaced with more rapid, more portable, state of the art, the smartwatch. To ensure that you have the best, you must choose the best possible.

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When it comes to smartwatches, there are a lot of things to watch out for in the best, but they only fit into two categories that are, form and functionality. There those that are built to look good while compromising on functionality but there those that oriented to function well but there looks are not the very best. Both of these aspects are important, you don’t want a watch that performs best, but you can’t wear it because it doesn’t fit your overall look at the same time you don’t want it just to look good. Your priority is important when looking for the best smartwatch.

The smartwatch market is flooded, but the top smartwatch brands that dominate are, the Apple and Michael Kors. Both of these smartwatch brands are designed to look and function well, but it is a competition that makes you the best beneficiary. These two brands are so competitive that you might find it hard to choose, if so, here is a comparison of what you would expect to see.

Comparison of Michael Kors Smartwatch vs Apple Watch

Display and Design:

Michael Kors Smartwatches: have a circular frame display screen which is AMOLED and clear in sunlight. They have a very stylish look more like a piece of jewelry than a watch. They come with black or pink 18mm silicone straps. They are more fashionable and fit people with big wrists more suitably.
Apple Watches: have a square frame in silver, gold and space grey. They are designed for outdoor activities. They are more sport oriented and fit well for people with small wrists.
Both smartwatches have numerous faces to choose from. Both smartwatches are clear and easy to see in sunlight.

Hardware and software:

Michael Kors Smartwatches: are made of stainless steel. They have a rotating bezel on top of the watch face and 3 buttons on the right. They come with 4 GB of storage space. Runs on Google’s Wear OS 2.1 running Android 4.4 or iOS 9.3 processor and 300mAh battery.
The Apple Watch: has the s4 chip and run on apples watch OS5 operating system. It has a stainless steel and aluminum build material. It has a rotating crown on the side and ceramic covering below the watch module. It has 16GB storage space with a 1810mAh battery. The Apple watch has numerous health applications and more tech features compared to Michael Kors Smartwatches. Apple watches speakers are clearer.
Both watches have a glass screen. Both are susceptible to scratches.

Connectivity and compatibility:

Michael Kors watches: have built in 4.1 Bluetooth, connects easily to any phone. They are compatible with most phones compared to the Apple watch that is limited to Apple devices. Michael Kors Smart Watches can relate to both Android and IOS.
The Apple Watch has 5.0 Bluetooth that connects to any Bluetooth device Notifications on the Apple watch are more organized and are easy to respond to compared to Michael Kors smartwatches. The Apple watch has cellular connectivity, but the Access Runway doesn’t.

Comparing Michael Kors Smartwatch vs Apple Watch

Michael Kors Smart Watch

Michael Kors brand has been on top of the fashion industry and has developed to become a competitive force in wearable technology with its newest smartwatch the Access Runway released on January 29th, 2019. This piece of ingenuity has raised the bar as it’s the most recent of all, so it most defiantly looks modern and sophisticated. It is also improved tech wise compared to older generations. Women are its target market although men can even wear it.

Most of Michael Kors Smart Watches design can be found in gold, silver, and rose gold. The straps are customizable, with band material from silicon to metal to fit any environment that you would wear it. They have three hardware buttons on the right and a stainless steel frame with a rotating bezel on top for more comfortable and better navigation of the applications.


Michael Kors Smart Watches have a heart rate tracker that you can use to monitor your heart rate continuously. Google assistant features. They have a Built-in GPS for accurate location data. It is completely waterproof so it can be used for swimming.


Michael Kors Smart Watches have a 4 GB storage which enables you to store more data including apps and music. They have an AMOLED display screen with smooth, clear colors and text. They are very responsive to touch, that makes it faster to navigate its features. They display a full list of notifications in order making it easier to read and respond. They are very stylish with a sophisticated high-end look. They have a lot of faces to choose from. They have Google pay compatibility for contactless payments. They are compatible with both Android and IOS.


The metal strap can be very uncomfortable and has to be resized to fit if you have small wrists. iPhone users cannot respond to notifications, read-only. Battery life is not that great. They are not scratch resistant, so it might get worn-out quickly.

Final Verdict on Michael Kors Smart Watch​

Michael Kors SmartWatch will most be suitable if you’re the type that prioritizes style over functionality. It’s not so good battery life makes it not the best option if you’re a fitness enthusiast but is excellent for office settings because of its classic look.

Apple Watch Smart Watch

The Apple Watch series 4 is the most significant upgrade of the whole apple watch series. Apple is a tech company, so it is expected that their product has more tech features. The Apple Watch 4 was released in September 2018 compared to Access Runway which is more recent. Although Access Runway is recent, the Apple Watch still is very competitive in terms of its capability.


First sight what meets the eye is a more detailed display than just the watch face. Apple Smart Watch has a stainless steel frame that comes in gold, silver or silver-gray with a Milanese band that is interchangeable and compatible with other apple watches. It also features a dual-core processor that will perform 2 times faster than other smartwatches. It is loaded with added health features including a sleep tracker and heart rate monitor. It includes a full GPS tracking option.


Apple Watch screen allows you to see and easily control more complications. Its Bluetooth capability is enhanced and can easily connect to other Bluetooth devices. It is very responsive to touch which is enabled by its impressive dual-core processor. It comes with up to 16 GB of storage capacity. It has cellular connectivity, so you’re able to make calls and send text messages independent from the phone. It has clear speakers and microphone so calling via the watch is not a problem.


Its battery life is not bad but could be improved. The screen is very prone to scratches.

Final Verdict on Apple Smartwatch

This product is very fitness oriented and will not be used to maximum advantage if you’re not a sports or fitness enthusiast. If your priority is more form over functionality, their better smartwatches that out-compete it in terms of looks but if you want a product that will function well, this is certainly the best option you can get.

Final Verdict on Michael Kors Smartwatch vs Apple Watch

Michael Kors Smart Watch is designed to suit your form preference more than functionality. It is perfect for the office but not for the gym. It is more women-driven in terms of its market, but some of its design doesn’t look very feminine so it can also be styled by men regardless. If you just want a watch that looks like a piece of jewelry and still has that analog feel that everyone loves but also includes the feature of a modern-day smartwatch then the best you can find is the Michael Kors SmartWatch.

Michael Kors SmartWatch is a perfect gift to your wife or girlfriend because of its classic high-end look which compliments most fashion wear. It is also compatible with android which is a plus since it can serve a wide range of people compared to the Apple watch that can only sell to Apple customers.

For those that are fitness and health enthusiasts, although the Apple Watch is expensive, it really delivers on functionality. With it you’ll l will be able to collect data more accurately than with any other smartwatch in the market. It is comfortable to wear, lightweight, fits well regardless of your wrist size and simplifies your life. Apple watch is also ideal if you’re dealing with health issues that require to be monitored all the time. For example for old people or people with heart disease, the heart rate monitor plus other features such as the drop sensor and the emergency alert are vital tools that need to be around you; they can actually save your life.